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Rain risk 2 characters are unlocked

In Risk of Rain 2 the character you play is very important. It determines your style of play and success will come from something that makes you feel good. Do you choose the deadly Huntress, a fierce mercenary or a powerful engineer? Of course, we'll keep this manual up to date as more unlocks are discovered and new characters added to the game.

How To Unlock All Signs Threatened By Rain 2

To find out how to unlock characters in Risk of Rain 2 click on the link below to go to the appropriate manual reach.

Some of the characters will be a bit cumbersome (you, engineer), while others like mages and mercenaries will need some luck. They all have their own unique abilities and play in very different ways. So it will be worthwhile unlocking them all as they are all great fun and come with their strengths and challenges.

The best runs in games like Risk of Rain 2 happen when you know not only your character but also the character that other people play. It is important to learn the strengths and weaknesses of enemies and allies. So do not forget to play with everyone!

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