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Rainbow flags set on fire outside the LGBTQ bar in New York City

By Dennis Romero

Two rainbow flags were set ablaze outside a LGBTQ bar in New York City when celebrations of Pride Month were launched, NBC told New York ,

It happened shortly after midnight on the eve of Pride Month in June, which began on Saturday, police said. The Alibi Lounge in Harlem is the only black-owned LGBTQ lounge in the city.

Owner Alexi Minko said he stepped on the flags with his feet, while pouring rain had helped to extinguish the fires. Nobody was injured.

Parishioners held a rally on Saturday afternoon to support the bar, he said.

"Our neighbors have expressed their outrage and support, Minko said." The gay community is behind us.

Proud flags were burned in front of the Alibi Lounge in New York City on Friday. Alexi Minko

Governor Andrew Cuomo tweeted : "The burning of a pride flag in front of a LGBTQ bar in Harlem disgusted me early Yesterday morning.

He said he ordered the state police Hate Crimes Task Force to provide local investigators with all the resources they may need to get to the bottom of the incident.

"This was a despicable one and cowardly action Worse by the fact that it happened on the eve of the Pride Month, "Cuomo said in a statement that accompanied his tweet.

" He said.

Owner Minko said safety video show It is a man squatting while flaring the flags. Minko believes that the suspect used an accelerator because the flags were burning in the middle of a rain.

Minko said the police need the burnt flags as evidence and hope for a replacement on Monday.

"Bigger, brighter, bolder flags." he said.

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