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Rajon Rondo could be the key to Lakers keeping their attacks afloat without LeBron James

LOS ANGELES – Rajon Rondo has missed the basketball court, and he knows every other knows how many Los Angeles Lakers games he has missed this season.

And after the Lakers won against the Phoenix Suns on Sunday night, 116-102, Rondo showed these two facts by exaggerating exaggerations in how much time he had missed in three separate interview responses. He said he had missed "74 games". This number was later changed to 60.

Rondo has missed 34 of the Lakers (26-24) so ​​far this season, even though he feels it feels like more.

"As I said, I do not have any I have not played for about 7 months," Rondo said to another question. "I do not know what I looked like defensively, but otherwise I'll watch the movie and keep trying to get better."

Rondo may not feel like he's in good shape, but his return has been the Lakers a critical playmaker brings during a time when they literally have no others, as Lonzo Ball and LeBron James miss the time with injuries, while Brandon Ingram shows that playmaking is not the role that suits him best.

Rondo ̵

1; who has helped a crew high of 36.1 percent of the Lakers crew while he's on the ground – could be the solution, and so far he's fingerprinting every possession he's involved in.

But Rondo's influence goes beyond mere backup postgame sarcasm, as Lakers head coach Luke Walton explained after the game.

"He's just playing the right game," Walton said. "There are some people out there looking for assistants and only going to pass if it's a support and he's not, he's going to play the right game, and if that leads to an assist, it does but if this causes someone else to get a bucket, he agrees. "

Rondo's teammate Brandon Ingram and other Lakers have also praised everyone the way Rondo has figured out where everyone likes the ball and his favorite spots on the planet Gives space and passes with perfect speed and pinpoint precision.

"Such a point keeper makes the game a lot easier, he sees the ground really well, he sees the guys who are open, he records games out there for the boys to feel comfortable and confident in their game, "said Ingram.

The Lakers needed all these things because their attack fell in the offensive efficiency of rank 16 in the league before James (and Rondo) were injured on Christmas day to 24th since. After James apparently wanted to return within the week and Rondo's ability to hire teammates the way they like it, the Lakers could see a rebound after 16 games that felt like 60s.

And Such Chemistry And an immediately searchable Rolodex of where, when, and how each teammate normally wishes his passports is not a fast-developing process. Rondo said he did not take long, despite the many games he missed this season.

The game is pretty quick and easy for me, so I'm just trying to get the guys on the same page, "Rondo said. "My job as point guard on the ground … is to get guys into open areas where they can be most effective."

Rondo did well when he played and even if he feels like he's been missing somewhere between 60 games and seven months, the Lakers are just happy that he's back in the lineup.

"It's really nice to have him back. He knows who needs who is hot. He knows how to manipulate screens (and) read defense mechanisms, "Walton said. "Unfortunately we did not have him with our boys that often, but he makes it comfortable for the boys and he looks good."

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