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Rams RB Todd Gurley vs. Cardinals With Knee Injury


1; Los Angeles Rams, who returns Todd Gurley, will not race against the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday.

Gurley, who deals with inflammation in the left knee, participated in a pregame training and huddled with doctors, trainers and coaches about two hours before the kick-off.

He is classified as inactive.

Veteran CJ Anderson, who was signed by the Rams on Tuesday, is expected to make a significant contribution to snapshots in Gurley's absence. Backing Justin Davis, who was considered dubious for a shoulder injury, is available with rookie John Kelly.

Gurley has 21 touchdowns in the league this season and is 89.4

in second place in rush yards per game] The Rams (11-3) have won the NFC West but can afford a win on the Cardinals (3-11) and a loss of Chicago Bears (10-4) against the San Francisco 49ers (4 -10).

Gurley was out of training all week after being drafted in a third-quarter series defeat by the Philadelphia Eagles last Sunday in the third quarter. He finished 12 trages for 48 yards and two touchdowns and got 10 passes for 76 yards.

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