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Rams take time for Todd Gurley's decision – ProFootballTalk

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Rams, who ran away from Todd Gurley, was deemed dubious for Sunday's game against the 49ers, meaning he plays with a probability of less than 50 percent. So, when will a decision about its availability be made?

"We'll have a bit more clarity and it's really just a way to make that decision," coach Sean McVay told reporters Friday.

Gurley, who had knee problems last season, immediately came to treatment for the quad injury he sustained when he made a "good shot" against the Seahawks last Thursday night.

"He came immediately," said McVay. "He has done everything in his power to get ready to go, he has stopped his bargain and that is why you respect those setbacks and the tribute it costs to just look at what a physical game You're on the sideline and everything you do week after week gives you an appreciation for what these guys are doing and how physically charged this game is with the high caliber of the athletes and the nature of the collisions you see . "

McVay is ready to postpone Gurley's availability.

"I think he knows his body as well as anyone else," McVay said. "I think we all know what a tough elite competitor he was in terms of the things he was able to enforce, really, it's all about this collaboration, that communication, and then, number one, the He will always be able to tell us this honestly, we are a better team if we have Todd Gurley, but if he does not feel right, you can trust the other guys. "[19659003] If they do not have Gurley, Malcolm Brown and rookie Darrell Henderson are the next men.

"[We’ve] has a lot of faith in Malcolm Brown," McVay said. "Darrell Henderson is a guy with a skill at which we If that's the case, then obviously we feel more than confident that Malcolm can handle it, and Darrell will try to get in. For everyone else, this is something that will be determined once we have the status of one Have Todd, which is intended for us.

Henderson, a freshman from Memphis in the third round, has only one carry for zero yards in three seasonal cleanings in 2019. He could get much extra work if Gurley can not go.

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