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Random crossplay makes Star Wars ‘Jedi Academy’ a console bloodbath

The problem has been addressed by unfortunate switch players like Max Payment. “Apparently all you have to do is take the server IP from a console match that is clearly visible on the console and enter it into the PC server browser and join it,”

; he noted on the ResetEra Forums. “I joined a game where a player wiped the floor with us and he had it .twitchtv in his username. Sure enough, I looked it up and he was playing on a PC in a switch server that absolutely decimated everyone. “

As evidence, Payment released a Twitch video that was created by a user and shows the resulting slaughter (above). PC players have been in the game since 2003, so they have a lot of experience and the advantages of a keyboard and a mouse. Suffice it to say that switch users who are new to the game did not like to be massacred by more experienced players.

In addition, PC players appear to be cheating and trolling new users. “Dudes with the name n-word join your public lobbies and spam keybinds with different arches,” said a Twitter user said developer Aspyr.

Others have suggested that cross-play remain in the game, but with better control so that console gamers can in turn take part in PC games and keep trolls or players with 17 years of experience away. So far, Aspyr has not responded to the problems.

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