Gabriel Fordham contacted Tuesday, the news channel said who was present in prison on his arrival.

He is accused of beating LaDerihanna Holmes on Friday with his car, plunging into her house and then leaving the scene.

Fordham lawyer Ryan Williams told the WSB that Fordham jumped into his vehicle with a pistol in 19659012, squeezed the gun on his face, let him drive, and all the time when my customer was driving, Williams somehow led the way, Williams said, saying Fordham is "apologetic and he wants to help this family solve this problem."

Worried about driving on traffic-locked roads, not stopping at stop sign, reckless driving Hitting and walking and injuring the vehicle.

LaDerihanna played outside with a friend when she caught a glimpse of a dark car.

A surveillance footage shows the car near Lithonia, Georgia from Atlanta flying over the edge of the girl's lawn LaDerihanna starts to sprint but she could not overtake the tramp when he hits her and then into her house

The 9-year-old suffered a broken skull and a broken pelvis that had broken in three places.

] "She was lifeless, I was screaming," said LaDerihanna's mother, Charlotte Bolton.

LaDerihanna was hospitalized following the crash on Friday in critical condition. She has since been put in a stable condition, her mother said on Tuesday.

Bolton said even felt the effects of the crash inside the house.

"I heard a very bad sound, and my house shook like an earthquake," said the mother. "I knew immediately that something was wrong, and I shouted," My baby! "because I knew she was on the porch."

She ran to the front yard where "a lady got my baby between the car and my house," Bolton said. "Another gentleman began resuscitation."

LaDerihanna's father picked her up and drove her to the hospital. Bolton followed another car.

When the neighbors struggled to help, the driver of the car fled without checking the girl.

"He's trapped in front of the camera when he took part in this terrible situation that became a miracle for this kid. I've never seen anything like it in my entire career," said L. Chris Stewart, the family's lawyer representing the girl.

It is also a small miracle that the family had security equipment that had captured both the crash and the back of a man who had escaped from the car.

The idea for the camera comes from a theft in the apartment.

"Someone had my son's bike out of the front yard (stolen) and my husband said," I "I'm going to get cameras for the house," Bolton said.

But a few weeks ago, Bolton's husband thought the camera was no longer needed and canceled the iCloud recording service.

"And I told him," We have to get these cameras working again. & # 39; And if that were not there, we would not have anything, "she said.

Apart from being badly injured, LaDerihanna severely damaged the family home.

" This car is deep in my house, "said Bolton: "My cellar is destroyed."

LaDerihanna tries to stay positive as she recovers from her extensive injuries.

"She's in a lot of pain, but she's in good shape," her mother said. She is a strong little girl. She talks, she laughs, she makes jokes. She has talked to her friends. "

Bolton said the family was grateful for" far-reaching love and support around the world. "

" LaDerihanna wanted me to thank all of you for your prayers and wishes wishes, "she said.

" With all the new friends she has won around the world, she wanted me to thank you for contributing to her, GoFundMe, that's the name on her behalf , should pay for their unpaid medical bills, their rehabilitation and long-term care. "

By Wednesday morning, donors had paid more than $ 44,000 to the GoFundMe account for LaDerihanna's medical bills.

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