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Random: Sony's PS4 status display "Nintendo Direct" on Twitter


Yesterday saw Sony's first "State of Play" presentation, a new video presentation series that covers future PS4 announcements. Although Sony has never described it as such, many have immediately compared the series to Nintendo's "Direct" video presentations – a format you're probably already familiar with.

The show did not reach the same level of hype that people expect from a Nintendo Direct, but all in all, it has the potential to evolve into something equally exciting for PlayStation players. However, these promising signs were overshadowed online as Twitter's negative feedback on Nintendo's broadcasting series, which in fact triggered the "#NintendoDirect" trend on the social media platform NintendoEnthusiast during the show:

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<p>  It's easy to joke that PlayStation copied Nintendo's ideas again – we've seen this several times, as shown in our video makes sense, if you think about it. Why not try the success of Nintendo with its direct videos? </p>
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Do you think that regular videos like Nintendo Directs and PlayStation State of Play will be long in the future? Could this be the beginning of an end for events like the E3? Let us know below.

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