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Rangers in an outstanding position to take advantage of Jeff Gorton's low-risk acquisition of Jacob Trouba

Jacob Trouba is a New York ranger, but how long that remains is unknown at this time. The Blueshirts acquired the 25-year-old Blueliner in an early evening business on Monday night, and many were shocked to see that the acquisition cost was just Neal Pionk and the twentieth election in 2019. A selection that the Rangers have acquired in trading with Kevin Hayes of Winnipeg.

It was speculated by some that the low cost of acquiring Trouba was due to the fact that not many teams were willing to give up assets for a player who could essentially stay contracted for only one season as he entered Year away from the unrestricted free agency. The Jets did not allow the teams to talk to the Trouba, so few knew if he would be willing to sign for the long term, which was probably a factor in their return.

It is also possible that the Jets liked Pionk for some reason, as several teams reportedly had better deals that were. & # 39; t finally accepted. ¯ _ (ツ) _ / ¯

Being an RFA with arbitration, Trouba has some control over its future. If the Rangers do not negotiate a long-term deal this summer, they will probably sign a one-year deal that will lead him to an unrestricted free agency next July. Last season, he made $ 5.5 million – an award through arbitration – and expected a one-year price of at least $ 6 million or more.

Gorton spoke after trading with Troubas agent Kurt Overhardt and the two of them agreed to speak in the next few days. Gorton is familiar with Overhardt, as he currently represents Jesper Fast. So when they meet, they can get down to business and not frolic with introductory icebreakers.

Gorton added that the Rangers have done their research What a player like Trouba is worth and has a character in mind. The Rangers general manager went so far as to say, "It would seem that this will be a player who will be with us for a while."

Trouba is pleased to join the Rangers and spoke to Ken Wiebe of the Winnipeg Sun after the barter.

"But I'm looking forward to a new hockey opportunity and a new place. That's something else you're excited about, of course. I have not thought too much about it, but I know a few people there. You know the city and play at MSG on the way, for me it was one of my favorite places. Just with the story and the crowd and the humming it is just a whole new world. I am looking forward to new ways of life and new experiences.

Trouba added that the opportunity was not only good for him, but also for his fiancé, who would open her residence on her way to becoming a doctor. From his life perspective, it was easier for him to be in the United States.

He also did not want to discuss whether he is willing to sign a long-term contract, but said that he is certain that they will complete the next steps in the morning and begin to conduct these talks.

Trouba is close to Brady Skjei, and I think there is a chance that Duo will be merged in the next season and years to come.

The Rangers certainly want to lock up Trouba, because he has his abilities, his youth, and the fact that they have not given up too much through trade, but they have alternatives in case he does not care, long-term Sign deal.

If Trouba signs a one-year contract, he would be eligible for a January 1 renewal. The Rangers would have time to work on a long-term contract from then until the deadline. If they fail to reach an agreement, Trouba is likely to enter the trading market immediately. with the Rangers for the best possible deal before the deadline.

Here are other defenders who are expected to act as free agents in July 2020. As you can see, Trouba would be the youngest and one of the most attractive options for a team looking for an intense playoff run.

Because the initial cost was so low – Winnipeg's first choice and RFA Neal Pionk, who had fallen off the beaten track in the second half of the season – the Rangers should at least be able to break even if they had to Turn it over at the deadline, so there's a good chance they'll come out in front.

This would be the case if only one first-round player were sent in 2020 to replace the selection for 2019, as the blueshirts have an excellent chance of adding a good young player due to the depth of the draft. Anything else they would get – and there is a good chance that a trade would involve more, especially if there are no well-known defenders to stop the market – would be the icing on the cake in front of the horse.

Gorton and the Rangers decided to act presumably because they are confident they will be able to sign troubils in the long term. Evolving-Hockey's model projects, with Trouba signing $ 7,324,489 over a five-year period, are likely to be the most likely. Here is a full overview of their projections, but note that the signing was not possible for eight years because Trouba was not on the Rangers reserve list at the close.

Dom Luszczyszyn of The Athletic The market value of Trouba has been $ 6.5 million for seven years.


The difference in value is practically one million US dollars per season. This difference would amount to at least $ 7 million. For such a deal, additional steps would have to be taken to clear the pitch – steps that are likely to stem from the already-expensive blue line – as the team should try to sign Artemi Panarin. There will be more content in the coming days about the impact of this trade, but here's a brief estimate of what could cost things.

And here's the long-term view on the signed deals.

The abstract of this model contains [19659027] You can spend Claesson on a low-cost NHL defender, but think it makes sense to take advantage of the fact that he is an RFA and knows the system. I also have this squad with three goalie men, as I think this could happen for a short period of time. Boo Nieves is the 13th striker and Libor Hajek the 7th defender.

Overall, this was a quick exercise where some players got a little more or less than they could end up, leaving the team in space with $ 1,965,558 while wearing a third goalkeeper Another player under $ 1 million could be exchanged. It goes without saying that subtracting Panarin from the equation gives the team a lot of flexibility – giving them the space to submit an offer sheet that would cost four selection rounds (if we ever see offer sheets again, that is).

Gorton was non-committal when asked if the addition of Trouba changed the way the Rangers use a buyout. Regardless of what happens next, the Rangers have taken a big step forward by adding trophies at such a low cost. The team has either added a part that represents a long-term upgrade of the blue line, or it has added a high quality trading chip that will be redeemed at a later date. The Rangers also benefit from high proceeds for Neal Pionk, who could have signed a multi-year contract for more than his worth.

It will be interesting to see if the Rangers have any more tricks sleeves, and I would imagine that there will be an activity of the draft on Friday before the night.

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