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Raniya Wright: South Carolina fifth-graders, which we know

The residents of Walterboro, South Carolina, about an hour's drive west of Charleston, dropped pink cuddly toys on Thursday at the entrance to the Forest Hills Elementary School.

Raniya's grandfather Ernie Wright spoke with CNN and described her as a young girl who was not involved in violence.

"I just want to say one thing: that my granddaughter, she was a good girl, you know, she was like 10 years old and for what kind of person she was she was a funeral spokeswoman in the church." Very much, you know she's just good to go, I mean, she would never do that in terms of violence or anything like that, "he said.

With her family still sad and the small town of 5,1

00 people still in shock, there are many unanswered questions. An autopsy is scheduled for Friday, the sheriff's office said.

We know and do not know the following about the death of the young girl:

What we know

Raniya died Two days after the fight

As on Monday a fight broke out in her classroom, she suffered severe injuries. She was taken to the nurse and taken by paramedics to a nearby hospital. She was later transferred to the University of South Carolina at Charleston, where she died Wednesday.

Two Students Fighting

Only one more student was involved in the Monday fight, Colleton County sheriff's office said. The student was also a fifth grader.

She was not injured with a gun.

The authorities described the struggle as a "physical altercation" and said that no weapons were involved.

Nobody was arrested.

School officials said a student from the Forest Hills Elementary School had been suspended, but it was unclear whether this student was involved in the fight.

There were no arrests, and the authorities did not file a criminal complaint in connection with Raniya's death, the sheriff's office said.

What the school says

Colleton County School Office made its first comments CNI affiliate WCSC reported that Raniya had been discussed Thursday after a special rally on the incident.

However, those who came to the meeting were upset and disappointed that, according to the station, very few details were heard about the incident.

"Our board and district have received multiple requests for information on student health laws, we can not currently provide specific details," said school district chair Tim Mabry in a prepared statement, according to WCSC.

What we do not know

The exact way of death of Raniya

More details on how Raniya died could be revealed after an autopsy on Friday become.

What triggered the fight

The students were in a classroom when the fight broke out, but it is unclear what led to the confrontation. School officials did not discuss whether the students were in the middle of a lesson, between breaks, or whether the students were in the same class.

What happened during the fight

School officials said that they had stopped the fight but had not stated how long the students had been fighting. The authorities did not say exactly how Raniya was injured.

What were the injuries of Raniya

When paramedics came to school, Raniya was unconscious in the station of a school nurse, as reported by a sheriff's incident report. She was taken to two different hospitals, but the sheriff's department did not say what kind of injuries she suffered or why she was taken to a Charleston hospital.

What will happen to the other student

The other student involved in the fight is a minor and has not been identified. It is not clear whether school officials have discussed the student's beliefs.

Kaylee Hartung of CNN contributed to this report.

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