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Rare photo of Prince George, Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte with Kate and William | Royal | news

The cute Cambridge family photo reveals a number of personality traits of the young royals being held openly. The picture shows Kate laughing with her children while Prince William chats with natural historian Sir David Attenborough.

Seven-year-old Prince George is sitting on a wooden bench next to his father and looks shy as he looks at the floor.

The third on the throne wears a chic blue plaid shirt with dark blue jeans and chic black shoes.

In contrast, two-year-old Prince Louis shows his cheeky side by standing with his hands in the air.

The youngest child from Cambridge wears adorable navy shorts with matching long socks and a blue sweater.

Five-year-old Princess Charlotte clings to mother Kate in the picture while wearing a pretty gray floral dress.

The queen has part of her blonde hair tied in a braid with a cute blue ribbon.

Kate giggles at her two youngest children when she sees them play.

While William, holding Sir David̵

7;s new book in hand, chats with the experienced broadcaster.

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A picture from the screening shows Sir David, 94, wrapped in a blue and gray plaid blanket, and the Duke watching the experienced broadcaster on the screen.

At the end of the tour, Sir David spoke to William, Kate, and their three children.

Last year, Prince William interviewed Sir David at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

During the discussion, the broadcast warned that humanity must act so that it does not “destroy part of the natural world”.

Both men share a passion for protecting the natural world and continue to support each other in their efforts to address some of the planet’s greatest environmental challenges.

This includes working together on the Duke’s Earthshot Prize, an ambitious global environmental project announced last December to tackle climate change issues.

More details on the price are expected in the coming weeks.

David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet will premiere in theaters on Monday and be released on Netflix on October 4th.

An accompanying book will be published on October 1st.

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