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Rare shark nursery found off Ireland's west coast

The Blackmouth dogfish (Galeus melastomus). YouTube / MarineinstitutesIRL

Scientists have discovered a rare shark nursery about 200 nautical miles off the west coast of Ireland.

The announcement took place at the INFOMAR Seebett Mapping Seminar in Kinsale on Thursday, reports BreakingNews.ie.

The discovery occurred in July during the recent survey "SeaRover" by the Remote Control Vehicle of the Marine Institute (ROV) Holland 1 deployed aboard the ILV Granuaile.

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Numerous egg crates, so-called mermaid bags, were shot on the ocean floor at depths of up to 750 meters.

A large The Blackmouth Caged Shark (Galeus melastomus) school was present at the site, and it is believed that the eggs are of this species. Also observed was a second unusual and lonely species, the Sailfin roughhook (Oxynotus paradoxus), which may have been feeding on the eggs, although the scientists said they had not observed this.