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Rate how Giants Andrew McCutchen traded on Yankees

SAN FRANCISCO – If everyone stayed healthy, there might have been a chance for Andrew McCutchen to take the lead on Friday night, Steven Duggar second and Buster Posey third. Posey has already undergone surgery. Duggar is operated. McCutchen is now on his way to New York.

It was this kind of season for the Giants, and on Friday they raised the white flag a little higher and exchanged their most consistent bat against the Yankees for two prospects. Everything made sense, or should it be, but if you have any questions, here are some answers …

Why did the giants act their best hitter?

Simply put, they had to. They would not make McCutchen a qualifying offer because it's about $ 4 million more than he did that season. When the white flag came up, the only way to value it was to trade it. McCutchen lifted the waiver last week so the Giants could trade it anywhere.

Okay, why did not you make this July 31

First of all, few in the organization were ready to throw in the towel before the deadline of July 31st. The Front Office did not feel that this was a particularly strong team – so the lack of supplements – but also not the feeling that it was the right time to tear it down. They wanted to give the squad a shot to make an August run, and instead the Giants fell further back. It seems unrealistic now, but what if the giants in Cincinnati had taken two out of three, as they should have? What if they do not implode against the Rangers? There was a very narrow way to fight in September, but the Giants could have run if they played clean baseball in August. They did not, and it was time to give up.

Again, there is another aspect. The Giants accepted McCutchen before the first appointment, but the interest was not really there. The Cleveland Indians liked it, but never went too hard, and the Yankees were not that aggressive at the time. Maybe they've learned something about Aaron Judge in the last few days that they did not know at the end of July when he first suffered a wrist injury.

Has McCutchen gone forever?

Not necessarily. The Giants were considering a reunion, and McCutchen, even at this stage of his career, will be one of the better outfielders available. McCutchen had spoken with some of his teammates about the return and it is believed that he really enjoyed playing in San Francisco, but we'll see if these good vibes are back in November. However, reunification is quite possible, and if the Giants can bring him back for a year or two after seeing prospects for him, they've done well.

Did the giants do well, even if he does not return?

It seems that they did. Abiatal Avelino, according to the MLB pipeline, is the 23rd best candidate in the Yankees system and Juan De Paula is No. 26. But it's a much better system than the Giants' system, and Pipeline puts them in 17th and 18th place after trading for the Giants.

Avelino is a 23-year-old who broke through Double-A this season, with power and speed, but a step back in Triple-A. With the Yankees he was hopelessly blocked, but the Giants do not have much midfield depth in the minors, so he might have a chance to move fast. It's possible he'll be part of the mix to replace Joe Panic if the Giants decide not to lure him.

De Paula is the type of player you want in a deal like this, a big 20-year-old who's been throwing pretty hard. De Paula scores an average per inning, but also goes down too many clubs. He is a lottery ticket, but maybe one day he will become something meaningful.

Can we stop talking about the CBT?

Yes. The Giants were already confident that they would stay under it, but this concludes it. They stay under $ 197 million, reinstate their penalties, and do what they want in this off-season free agency.

What should the giants do next?

They do what they should do: Chris Shaw has been called and should take a longer look at the last 27 games. The Giants need to find out what they have in Shaw and Austin Slater. They also give Hunter Pence a few starts in the right field over the last two homes of his contract.

What does that mean for McCutchen?

The Giants seem pretty good, but McCutchen could not have done better. He's a good teammate who has become a fan favorite in a second city, and now he's doing his best to win the first ring. It's not something that McCutchen used to talk about a lot, but those close to him say there's a desire to win, and he got hurt because the pirates did not put pressure on them if they had teams running could do. The Yankees have as good a shot as anyone, and McCutchen could now have a real chance of becoming a postseason star. Out here, 3,000 miles away, we can only hope he continues the whole experience.

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