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RB Leipzig vs. Bayern Munich, DFB cup final: Sule goal line clear

57- Werner almost equalizes, but Sule clears the ball after Neuer is beaten.

56- Bayern has a break, but Lewandowski sends his shot directly into the hands of Gulacsi. [19659003] 55- Gnabry forces Gulacsi to save. Alabas flank misses only Lewandowski, but Gnabry squeezes through a defender and forces Gulacsi to crash.

49- Leipzig returns immediately and Werner tries to fire a shot near the post, but Neuer keeps it out. The big goalkeeper has a great game.

48- WHAT SAVES NEW? Forsberg dissolves without Bayern defender. He has a clear 40-yard sprint to the Bayern goal and Neuer waits with a MASSIVE parade on Forsberg. What a saving. WOW!

47- The second half began with a fireworks display of Leipzig fans and Bayern in the field. Nothing came of it, but Bayern came close to a second goal two or three times in a 1

5-second period.

46- The second half has begun.

Halftime Analysis and Observations [19659009] We need to talk about this new parade at Poulsens header at the start of the match. When I wrote about the demise of Neuer earlier this season, it was a direct indication of his apparently rediscovered inability to save THAT exactly. This purely instinctive parade is the difference that Bayern fall back early or take the lead a little later.

  • Lewandowski's header was so incredibly difficult that he had to be praised. This man was in the box in Leipzig, had to jump back in the direction of the penalty area of ​​Bayern and still managed to get enough power on the head to beat Gulacsi for the goal. There are very few players in the world who can play Lewandowski's play. It was just awesome. Leipzig sat the rest of the first half further back than at the beginning and did not exert the pressure they exercised early on the Bayern. This allowed Bayern to take control of the game and generate many more opportunities. Leipzig is fortunate that they lost the halftime by just one goal.

  • Halftime: RB Leipzig 0-1 Bayern Munich

    45- Bayern now pepper Gulacsi's goal. In the last few seconds, the Leipzig defender scored several goals to make it 1-0 for Bayern.

    42- Coman has nearly scored a great goal, but Konate makes an incredible header clearance on the goal line to keep the ball out.

    35- Since the Bayern goal Leipzig has not adjusted well. They have fallen back a little lower so that Bayern can put less pressure on them the moment they receive the ball.


    Coman played Alaba on the overlap, and he laid a covered cross-second before crossing the borders. Lewandowski had a back pass to the goal of Bayern a few minutes ago, his shot crashed into Gulacsi and his shot crashed into the inside post. What a header!

    24- Leipzig are so far the only team with good chances. Werner seems to break with New certainly to 1: 1, but Kimmich runs him down and pushes the ball away.

    17- Kimmich makes a decisive streak of Poulsen as the tall Dane opened a shot. Leipzig had the best chance so far.

    15- Honestly, not much happens. Both teams kick the ball just 20 meters from midfield.

    11- MANUEL NEW! WHOA! RB Leipzig gets a corner and Poulsen smashes her head. Neuer gets a wrist and hits it off the crossbar. What. A. Save. WOW!

    8- I'm here at INNN: Those who have allowed these teams to wear these unified combinations must be beaten. It's pretty annoying.

    6- Random Observations. It's hard for me to see Lucas Hernandez replacing Niklas Sule in the starting XI when he's healthy in the next season. Mats Hummels has cut out his work for him to keep his place.

    3- Some early action when Gnabry cuts his left foot into the box, but his shot passes close to the near post.

    ] 1- The ball is rolling in Berlin!

    One hour 15 minutes before kick-off: Lineups are out! Just as we expected from Niko Kovac:

    Well, we're finally here. One year after the defeat of the DFB Cup final against Eintracht Frankfurt Bayern Munich are back and have to face the domestic double with RB Leipzig. Last year it was Niko Kovac who ruined Bayern's party – he has to make up for that with a win.

    As far as the lineup is concerned, there is not much ambiguity about who will start. Leon Goretzka may be injured, but all the usual suspects – Robert Lewandowski, Thomas Müller, Joshua Kimmich, etc. – are fit and ready. If Kovac needs additional firepower from the bank, Franck Ribéry, Arjen Robben and James Rodriguez are on standby.

    However, this still promises to be a difficult game. Why? Apart from the fact that Leipzig is one of the best teams in Germany (and probably a harder nut than Borussia Dortmund), Bayern were incredibly terrible in every DFB Cup match they played this season. No matter if it is a team from the 4th league or a real Bundesliga club, the team has always made cup games nerve-racking.

    Hopefully this game will be better, but it does not matter how stressful the victory is as long as it happens. We want this trophy.

    It's Bayern time.


    Location: Olympiastadion, Berlin, Germany

    Time: 8pm local time, 2pm EST

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