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Read Stevie Nicks's Riotous Rock Hall Induction Speech – Rolling Stone

Stevie Nicks gave a rousing speech in her Rock and Roll Hall of Fame introduction after being awed by Harry Styles. Nicks is the first female, first member of Fleetwood Mac, and the 23rd in Hall of Fame history to be released twice: she was first introduced to Fleetwood Mac in 1998 and to her work as a solo artist in 2019. Nicks laughing and plentifully cheering the crowd, Nicks pressed on the making of her first solo album, Bella Donna of 1981 (19459004): "Direct Rock and Roll. I have two great singers, Laurie and Sharon, who are amazing and we will be Crosby, Stills & Nash. "

Nicks had her musical beginning when she joined Lindsey Buckham's psychedelic rock band, Fritz, sixties. They later formed duo Buckingham Nicks before joining Fleetwood Mac. Their contributions to the 1

975 self-titled LP of the band and the rumors of 19459004 (19459003) helped make the group not only one of the best-selling bands of all time, but also one of the most culture-defining artists of the decade.

An active member of Fleetwood Mac, Nicks began her solo career with Bella Donna (19459003). The album produced several hit singles including "Edge of Seventeen" and the Tom Petty duet "Stop Draggin # 39; My Heart Around". Since then she has released eight solo albums. The most recent are 2014 24ct Gold: Songs From The Bunker. "I feel really blessed that I can be the twins I am, jumping between my solo career and Fleetwood Mac. My solo career really is why Fleetwood Mac is still around because I'm getting bored quickly, "she told Rolling Stone in 2016." That's why I try every single time I work on my solo career as different as possible from Fleetwood Mac, so there really are two worlds. If I feel ready to return to Fleetwood Mac when we make our next tour in a year and a half, I'm ready to return to Fleetwood Mac and it will be fine.

It was a year after the original cast for their famous tour The Dance when Nick's 1998 first introduced alongside Fleetwood Mac. "Nobody ever expected to attend. But if you receive this little invitation, dance in your house because there is nothing better than being accepted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, "said the star Rolling Stone shortly after the announcement of their inclusion in this year's admission class. "Joining the band twice for your own work outside the band – there's nothing better than being in both clubs. It's the club "You're there because you're in a band" and the club "You're there for your solo work".

The following had to be said by Nicks at the ceremony on Friday.

That speech I was supposed to hold now haunted me – the sound of her voice will haunt me for two weeks [next] It's not hard for me to play for you, but it's very hard for me to tell you – thanks for being the first girl in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame – twice!

Sometimes me just could not tell great stories because it's easy – when I tell a story about Prince, I can say, "He picked me up in his purple camaro and we went to his purple house in a suburb outside of Minneapolis. where I was and we wrote a song titled "It takes days to find them" and I can actually tell you a great story because that's what it is, but for me, a story to tell from my heart Well, what that means to me is very difficult … because it has never happened to me. [It’s only happened for] 22 men and four – zero women and now a woman.

[Now] I like … Hey man, I can! & # 39; Now I tell all my friends. The girls in Haim? I'm like, "Okay you guys, you really have to get it together now. One of you has to step away. And do not break your band, just make an album for you to have it. Because it will take 20 years to be recognized! So you will be like 60 already. Again, this is the problem of getting started. I started in 1979 with Bella Donna . I have not even been in Fleetwood Mac for four years, more like three- and three-year-and-a-half years … that's a tough job. Because you have to – the times are different. It's like – it's going to be hard, but I know there's someone out there who can because I give you all the instructions and I do enough interviews and say what to do.

I would like to tell you that everyone in my life gave me ideas of what I could tell you – I just have to say it because I have no glasses, I can not even read it – but I've read it so often in the middle at night they cry like "shit, I do not know what I'll say up there." This morning at 4:30, my assistant came in and I lay there and my Little Chinese Crested [dog] is right on my stomach and she looks at me like, "It's so late." And she says, "Are you done? "And I go," No, I can not do it. I have to go to bed. I do not know what I'm going to say. I just have to go out and … six minutes are not very long. So let me continue – six minutes for me! I focused on voice communication in the state of San Jose!

The second moment I called my mother and said, "I have to stop because I and Lindsey have to move to LA because the music is in San Francisco and record shops are completed LA. We have to go tomorrow. "My mother said," Okay, that's fine, but we'll withdraw any financial support. "I said flatly," I know, Mom. I know, and I'm up to the challenge. Three waitresses, two cleaning lady, that was cool. "Lindsey worked on the music, I worked on food and wore glasses. I enjoyed it more because I could go out of the house and go to the real world instead of being in the cave with all the guys just laying around smoking and messing up my house.

excuse? Excuse me? Can I just step over your feet and your pot and everything else so that I can raise this place? "I'm not being paid in my own house for that, but I'll do it for you because I know you guys are working hard. That's just a small moment, as we came in front of Fleetwood Mac. I want to tell you that this solo album thing I thought about it. All I know is that my friend Paul Fishkin, who became my friend in 1976, after we went to this congress at the Acapulco Princess, which I like to call the Tequila Convention, because everyone had the small necklaces the first night. One of you might have been there, the little necklace around your neck, and they come and fill them with tequila. Who will waste tequila?

Everyone was so drunk that nobody served us three solid days, and then it was over. So everyone went to the airport and left, but not me. I stayed because I go like this: "I'm down here already, somebody else has paid for it, so I'm going to enjoy this holiday." Paul and I said to him after playing Rumors , which is not even finished, but was still very cool the night before, I did not even hear it because I lost the game after pushing, but some people must have heard it because they talked about it later.

I said, "No, no, there are other songs, more demos." And he goes like "Okay." We go out on the beach and I plan 15 or 20 songs, and he says, "Wow, those are many songs, okay. "" He's a record-man, so we'll go back to LA and New York, we'll start to go, and I'll find out because Paul tells me, a year later, when I said to him whispers ]: "Do you think there is a way to create a discreet solo album? Fleetwood Mac do not dissolve? "I go like," It's a secret. "He says," I think so. I think if you are nice and loving and you tell them that you will always put them first and they will always be at the top of your priority list, they will understand and stay with you. Do what you want and have fun. See you later. "

That's what we did in the end. Yes, my amazing band is still together today and very strong. In the end, which will probably not last, does not bring me from this stage. Above all, I want to thank Paul Fishkin very quickly, because he was the sage who said, "You can do both, and you can have both. You just have to do it with love. That's all. "Then I was introduced to his partner Danny Goldberg, who became our group guru and our quiet coach who kept us calm. I was away all the time, so they talked about it and tried to bring it together calmly and calmly.

I am in the world and make rumors and Tusk . They work behind the scenes to see if this is possible. Then it happened. We founded a record company called Modern. We went to Mr. Doug Morris in Atlantic, my hero. I said, "So, Doug, I want to make a Tom Petty album, right Rock and Roll. I have two great singers, Laurie and Sharon, who are amazing and we will be Crosby, Stills & Nash. I'll be stills, and it'll be Nash and Crosby.

"So it will be rock-to-rock, but we sound like Crosby, Stills & Nash. And Doug is like – "fan-fucking-tastic." Sorry, did not want to swear. Then I said, "Who produces Tom Petty?" He says, "Jimmy Iovine." I say, "Can you arrange me with Jimmy Iovine?" And he says, "Yes, I can. I call him. "He calls Jimmy and he makes us have dinner, we go out to eat and I tell him the same thing Tom Petty, direct rock album, but we want to sound like Crosby, Stills & Nash He says," Okay, I can do it. I have not done a girl album for some time. "We leave," Okay, good. "

We both went back to LA because he finished Tom's plate there. We arrive there and 10 days later – I moved in with Jimmy. It just was … I moved in with Jimmy. I learned how to prepare small pizzas and waited for him to finish Tom's album. Meanwhile, I and Laurie and Sharon practice all our three-part harmonies that Jimmy and no one else really wanted to hear. We would be damned if we were not on this album, Crosby, Stills & Nash. We became so good over the next six weeks that when he finished and we Bella Donna started, we were ready.

We went in and made an album in three months – which is unusual these days. We were concentrated. We were together. We were organized and made a great album. Then Jimmy came to me and said, "We have a problem, Stevie. We made a great album, but you do not have a single. "

I like" Seriously? We do not have a single and you have not told me yet? He says, "I think it would work. I thought someone would come to my head and it did not, but I have a plan. Tom Petty says you can stop "Draggin & # 39; My Heart Around". It's already recorded. He will sing it with you. And … problem solved! "

I finally met Tom Petty, of whom Jimmy had kept a secret for me, because he did not want Tom to get mad, and believed that his attention would be taken away he had a new girlfriend. I liked it in the cellar. It was nice. I heard everything and overheard everything. Anyway, Jimmy, Doug, Paul, Danny – also Irving Azoff – I had to hire him in 1976 because my mother said, "You should get some help here because nobody cares about your money." Irving asked, happily saying, "Sure, I'll do it!" I had no idea he was still sitting here tonight and like, "Sure, I'll do it!"

My press agent, Liz Rosenberg, whom I 1976, which is still present, and press agency for me. She is the best. She is the Rona Barrett of today. I adore her She is elegant and incredible. Talk to her if you can. She will get you in the newspaper. Then there was Howard Kaufman, who passed away recently – then he became my manager when Irving became president of a record label. That was alright, because everyone has to branch!

Let's see, and Sheryl [Louis] who, when Howard died, took over the custody of being my manager, agrees with everything anyone says – especially if it's a girl! Thank you, Sheryl, for giving everything. You all have a fantastic, fantastic audience … Thanks! If you ever need a keynote speaker, someone to talk to, someone to talk to a group of people – I'm your girl.

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