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Recent Summary: Season 6 Episode 1 – Josh has a baby? New interview

The sixth season of Younger which is based solely on the premiere on Wednesday, is evolving as the second act of Into the Woods . Finally, everyone gets what they've always wanted – why does not someone seem to be happy?

Let's start with Liza, who finally has the freedom to open her relationship with Charles in public – something she probably should have betrayed to Diana before announcing her affair throughout the office.

"That hurt Diana on so many levels," says Miriam Shor to TVLine. "Charles was the one nobody would really get so it was fine. But then Liza caught him, so it feels like a betrayal. Liza did not tell her and Charles did not. We should all be friends, but it was hidden from her. Let's just say that Diana does not want to be kept in the dark … about anything . "

Fortunately, Liza and Kelsey realize that the view from the top is not quite what they expected it to be ̵

1; Diana could win back" 9 to 5 "with a spontaneous karaoke performance by Dolly Partons. (Click here to read the full story.)

And while Charles seems to enjoy his newly discovered freedom (he and Liza finally swapped the L-word!), There's something terribly suspicious about him, private meetings with To have Zane.

"Charles gave away a significant piece of his identity when he left the company," Peter Hermann reminds us. "They'll find out if he's ready or unwilling to let go of this piece of his identity, people and relationships are complicated … what he ultimately pursues and with whom he ultimately pursues it will take place over the course of the season."

 Younger Season 6 In fact, the only character who really seems to be passionate about their fate in life is Josh, who confirmed the premiere as the father of Claire's unborn child – though that joy may just be Nico Tortorella's own baby fever

"I've wanted babies for a bit in my life," Tortorella says. "When we read the last scene from the end of the fifth season, I thought," I'm allowed to go to work all day Keep baby? "It's a dream come true! And I'm really good with the babies. Just put it out there. We have about eight or ten different babies, and I have a special relationship with each of them. It's the only time sex does not matter. We have boys and girls babies playing the same role.

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