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Record shutdown is a massive failure in Washington

Now it has another historic notch on its belt, the government's longest-run government shutdown – a dead-end, setting a new low for Washington's dysfunction.

The dispute sparked by Trump's billions of dollars to finally make money The unfulfilled election pledge to build a border wall began so long ago that Republicans had a monopoly on Washington's power. The Democratic takeover of the House has deepened the split, and with no side ready to fold after nearly 22 days, there is no end in sight.

The past three weeks have uncovered the lack of empathy of a billionaire president. The struggles of workers working paycheck wages are shrugged off. Trump is clearly concerned about a pet-political project rather than his constitutional role in giving all Americans governance.

But he is not alone in his dereliction of duty. The Republican-led Senate is doing nothing to offer its president a salvific way out. And while the Democrats of the House go through the petitions for issuing bills to reopen the government, they do not seem to do much else to break the traffic jam. Before Trump was president, party leaders had at least apparently had the opportunity to finance a frontier border under broader immigration legislation.

Trump called on party leaders on Friday to return to Washington to vote for a wall, a barrier or whatever they want to call it ̵

1; even "peaches".

"Here I ask the Democrats to return to Washington and vote for money for the Wall, for the barrier, whatever you want to call it, it's okay for me." The President said to Whites during a roundtable House about immigration.

"You can call it, whatever you call it 'peaches', I do not care what they call it, but we need money for that barrier," he added.

The stalemate marks a crucial first battle between Trump and his Democratic enemies in Washington's new era of shared government.

But every battle has its victims. And now there are 800,000 government employees who feel insulted, forgotten and worried as rent, mortgage, car costs and medical bills flare up. In fact, the members of the convention who are paid are absent until Monday.

You may find that the nation's transportation system is under pressure on your flight home. Many of these TSA agents that protect travelers work without pay. An airport in Tampa opens a food bank for employees. And some food inspections will be put on hold with the closure of the government.

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"I would ask both houses of Congress, me would like to ask the American people to look around and understand that the workers in the state have a face – we have families. " Jacqueline Maloney, a federal worker whose paycheck did not arrive on Friday, said Brooke Baldwin in an emotional CNN interview.

"We could be a neighbor, your best friend, the mother of your best friend, your aunt, your cousin, we are everywhere."

Government closures usually end when the political leaders are trapped in the stalemate, calculating that the political damage that comes from arresting the firm outweighs the embarrassment of a descent.

With tales of anger and deprivation of government warriors persisted in a dire situation that is now no longer able to dominate the coverage.

However, neither side shows signs of cracking.

It is due to Trump

But for Trump there would have been no shutdown. The president, who appeared to fear a backlash in the conservative media, refused to keep the government open before Christmas if he did not receive wall funding.

In the last week, Trump has tried various political stunts to shift the blame. He gave an address of the Oval Office. He stormed out of talks with the leaders of the Democrats. He flew Air Force One to the border to paint an inaccurate picture of hordes of criminals and killers streaming into the country.

"You will only stop it with a very powerful wall or steel barrier," Trump White House said Friday.

Now that the president is looking for taxpayer money to build a wall for which he promised that Mexico would pay for it, the president offers the facts claiming that the US neighbor has already ratified a new trade agreement ,

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<p>  Trump's followers argue that there is a real crisis at the border and a brand as "false news" – any argument that brings along a wall along the border Mexico may not be the best way to stop drug trafficking and bloating to proceed with asylum applications. </p>
<p>  In fact, the Wall has become such an emotional center of Trump's relationship to his political base – and to resist such a symbol of dislike of the President – it has become an insoluble matter. </p>
<p>  And government workers pay the price. </p>
<p>  "The bottom line is there's no excuse for the political stunt just because the president was committed to taking office and after that," said Michael Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York, in a CNN interview. </p><div><script async src=

"He can not make it and deliver for his constituency, he should just get up and say I tried and keep going with the next thing," sa id Bloomberg, a potential presidential candidate for 2020. "There is neither one more question, one constituency: the president was not elected to represent a party or a small group, he should represent a whole country. "

So far, Trump has been waiting for his threat to declare a national emergency and reprogram the Pentagon funds – possibly from disaster relief projects in Puerto Rico and Texas – to finance his wall.

Such a move could enable him to declare a victory that most people believe is hollow. He could sell his followers in a judicial battle for an almost sure legal challenge and reap political capital.

But it would also be a fundamental violation of constitutional governance, as a future president thwarted by Congress loses his right. The main task of deciding how to spend the taxpayer's money might be to choose a preferred one irrespective of the political project.


The failure of Congress to break the deadlock has offended some of its most venerable people.

"How can we solve that? We owe it to the American people, it's like a circus," Republican Senator Richard Shelby of Alabama said earlier in the week.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who was the "guy who brings us out of stagnation", was once a ghostly presence.

McConnell has refused to respond to the Democratic House bills to open various government agencies as Trump is unwilling to sign them.

For the time being, McConnell has no desire to break up the Republican coalition by breaking with a president who has used his devout base to punish any dissident in his party.

However, there may come a time when the discomfort becomes noticeable Among some GOP members, such as Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner, Alaska's Sen. Lisa Murkowski, and Maine's Sen. Susan Collins, McConnell's life becomes uncomfortable.

  Beatings prevailing between Murkowski and Senk Republicans demand decommissioning

The bitterness of decommissioning policy also has shown a seam of hypocrisy burning on both sides of the aisle in this break political era.

In 2016, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham signed an Amicus letter in a Supreme Court case challenging President Barack Obama's use of executive power to shield recipients of the delayed action for the Childhood Arrivals program from the deportation.

The document complained that Obama's move was an attempt to oust the power of Congress and threaten the constitutional principle of separation of powers. These standards seem to be less important to the South Carolina, now Trump is in the White House.

"Mr. President, NOW declare a national emergency – build a wall NOW," Graham tweeted Friday after meeting Trump Graham's frustration stems from his belief that Democrats are hypocrites because they refused To consider immigration measures that they had favored in the past.

Early last year, Democrats and the White House seemed to be nearing a deal that would have brought Trump $ 25 billion in border security in return for a way to citizenship for DACA recipients – undocumented migrants illegally brought to the United States as children.

Trump finally withdrew from the deal.

The idea of ​​border patrol or a wall in some areas was not so radioactive to Democrats in the past.

In 2006, Democrats now included minority leader Chuck Schumer and then-Sens, now living in the Senate. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama voted for the approval of a safe fence along the 700-kilometer-long border between the US and Mexico.

The project was a long way from the concrete or steel wall planned by Trump.

But given the symbolic potency of the idea It is not clear from a wall that Democrats – who do not want their first act in the majority in plenary to be a concession to Trump – would consider such a plan today.

"A wall is immoral," House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi said this week.

Liz Stark of CNN contributed to this report.

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