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Red Dead 2 & # 39; s explained end of the credits story


How the credits tie loose ends and bridge the gap between games.

After writing dozens of hours in the main story of Red Dead Redemption 2 and subsequent epilogues, it would be understandable if you would split or skip the credits sequence ̵

1; but the names of all the people who do this You've been working so hard that it's not the only thing you might have missed. Even those of you who have looked at have probably not discovered every detail, but we have done our best to collect them all for you. Here's what you may have missed on the Red Dead 2 credits. Needless to say, there are many spoilers from this point – so do not say we did not warn you!

We'll jump around a bit as many of the interstitial vignettes are simply scenes from around the world, such as the driver crossing the Owanjila Dam, a variety of wildlife animals or trains that cross the Bard & # 39; s Crossing Bridge or rolling through the woods outside of Strawberry.

We also get some nice insights into what becomes of the Van der Linde gang after the war The story ends – most prominently we see John Marston and Abigail celebrating their wedding with Uncle and Jack and Sadie and Charles. These two finally say goodbye to the Marstons, Charles is said to have set off for Canada to start a new life, and although we do not know exactly where she was going after her wounds were healed by the confrontation with Micah, Sadie had come along John talked about the move to South America.

As for the other surviving members of the gang, we not only see them in the credits, but you can visit several of them yourself after you return to play! Mary-Beth is writing behind a desk, and when John meets her at the train station in Valentine, you'll find out she's become a pretty successful author of simple romance. Pearson, who has seen in the credits and has seen a picture of the gang wistful, is now the general store in Rhodes – although he offers no discounts, unfortunately. Tilly is shown walking through a park in St Denis with her husband and child. When you see her waiting for a tram, she takes her address with you to send letters. We see Arthur's grave in the mountains overlooking the Cumberland Forest, and his old flame, Mary Linton, comes to pay her respects, and Rain's fall overlooking the land while an eagle flies over him excludes the credits , You also get a glimpse of Archie and Edith Downes – they are the son and widow of the debtor whom you may have helped as Arthur (the one whom Arthur blamed for his tuberculosis). For a clipping from their successful golf course in California, check out the Miss Doek Seek Absolution missions before completing Chapter 6.

However, the actual meat of these vignettes starts about four minutes before the credits. We see Edgar Ross – formerly of the Pinkerton Detective Agency, now with the newly formed Bureau of Investigation – and his partner Archer Fordham, the John after his confrontation with Micah tracked down Mount Hagen. We see them walking through Valentine's, talking to the bartender and patrons of Smithfield, probably asking about the fight, when John and Sadie came to town during Mission Gainful Employment and again stopped a carriage outside of Rhodes, probably after the Gunfight that occurred in A quick favor for an old friend. Finally you can see them at Beecher's Hope overlooking the ranch. John teaches Jack how to take care of his horse. We do not see the moment when they confront John and force him to start the events of Red Dead 1, though we all know how that turns out.

For my money, though, the best thing about the credits is when they stop rolling and the gameplay is resumed. We see John and Abigail ranting about life in Beecher's Hope, and although this is a funny little moment in itself, it took me a minute to realize that they actually overlook their home from the same spot, where they are buried in the end of the original. It's a bittersweet moment, which was particularly poignant to me after switching to John for epilogue and post-game research.

This will hopefully help solidify the end of Red Dead 2 for you. To learn more, do not figure out how we think it will change the way we look at the original or six things that GTA 6 should learn from Red Dead 2.

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