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Red Dead Redemption 2 Guide: The best horses and where to get them

Riding on horseback is the main reason for moving in the vast world of Red Dead Redemption 2. Soon you will raise a variety of horses in search of the one who brings you the fastest. With not much on the fast track to having a horse that is not only fast but can withstand the burdens of exploration is essential.

While the question of which horse is best comes on preference, there are some breeds that can be ranked as one of the top candidates. In the following, we discuss these races and highlight their locations. If you're looking for a more in-depth horse grooming guide and how you can improve the performance of your scooter as you go bankrupt, we'll soon have one in the hopper, so keep checking back to get all the information on how to get started can be a proper horse trainer.

Note that there are some slight spoilsports under as most of these horses can only be purchased later in the game. They should be good for the White Man Arabian race, but be careful if you look at the details below if you want to avoid possible story parts.

For more instructions, check out our features, which should highlight all the tips you should know before playing what the game does not tell you. However, we also have guides on more specific topics such as weapon customization and earning money. Be sure to read our Red Dead 2 review if you do not already have one. And if you want something more fun, read our feature that details the cheats of the game.

What are the best breeds?

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As I said, there is not a single "best horse" in the game, there are only strong breeds that are much better than the standard breeds you come across early on. The Arabian, Turkoman and Missouri Fox Trotter breeds are the most rounded and top tier, remember that the statistics below will reflect the horse if you find it and not in its best condition.


Arabian horses have some of the best scores in total.There are a total of three fur species, each with its own statistics: White, Black and Rose Gray Bay.


The White Cockerel can only be found in the wild, relatively early to find this snow-white Beauty wanders around Lake Isabella, it's quite difficult to tame, so you have to be persistent in pursuing it and calming it down before you can reach it. [19659002] Compared to other Arabian horses, it has the lowest base health and endurance statistics – although it is still much higher than any of the standard breeds. A worthy compromise for a fantastic horse that can catch and tame you so early in the game. Take care only of the wolves that are nearby.

Speed ​​ Acceleration Handling Type
6 6 Elite Superior

Black Arabian

The black-haired Arabian Horse can be purchased in the stable of Saint-Denier in the barn of the Thoroughbred. Decent Health and Stamina .

Speed ​​ Acceleration Handling Type
6 6 Elite Superior

Rose Gray Bay-Maned Arab

The Rose Gray Bay-Maned Arabs can only play at the Blackwater Stable during the epilogue portion of the game. It has the highest health and endurance of the three Arabian horses.

speed acceleration handling type
6 6 Elite Superior


Turkoman breeding horses make their lack of acceleration at a fixed speed, average handling and a high health pool . As a cross between war and racing races, they are worthy of being for riders who want a reliable horse that can withstand damage without sacrificing speed. All three Turkmen races have the same exact values ​​that are given below, along with a brief breakdown of where and when they can be purchased.

Speed ​​ Acceleration Handling Type
6 5 Standard Race / War
  • Gold Turkoman: Sold in the St. Denis stable during of the 4th chapter.
  • Dark Bay Turkoman: Sold in the Blackwater Stable during the Epilogue.
  • Silver Turkoman: Sold in the Tumbleweed stall during the Epilogue.

Missouri Fox Trotter

The Missouri Fox Trotter compensates for the best ground speed of all horse breeds with solid health and high endurance . As a blend of race and work, the Missouri Fox Trotter is highly recommended for those who want all the benefits and benefits of a fast riding horse with a persistent stamina. Like the Turkmen race, all Missouri Fox Trotter coats have the same exact values ​​that are given below, along with a brief breakdown of where to buy them and when.

Speed ​​ Acceleration Handling [19659014] Type
7 5 Standard Race / Labor
  • Amber Champagne: Sold in Scarlett Meadows Stable during the 4th chapter.
  • Silver Dapple Pinto: Sold by Blackwater Stable in Epilogue.

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