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Red Pandajunges Eskapee found from Belfast Zoo

  Family of four red pandas in the Belfast Zoo

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Belfast Zoo


The family of four red pandas in the Belfast Zoo

A rare red panda that fled the Belfast Zoo was found safe and healthy.

The animal was found in a "home garden not far from the zoo," said the Belfast City Council, which operates the zoo

The panda escaped from his enclosure on Sunday afternoon and was first sighted the same day at 1

7:30 GMT.

The young, born in June, which is now almost grown up, was found on Monday.

The Council said the refugee was being controlled by a veterinarian.

Red pandas are an endangered species and slightly larger than a domestic cat.

The Belfast Zoo has a family of four red pandas.


When the animal disappeared, the police said it was believed that it "attracts Glengormley's sights."

They Warn Motorists Be Watchful, because "our inquisitive friend has not yet learned the code for the green cross".

Although they are not aggressive in nature, they may be defensive when cornered.

Two red pandas were born at the zoo last June in Cavehill, north of Belfast, and the refugee was one of the twins born as a result of a breeding program.

Her parents met after Dad brought Chris all the way from the Beekse Bergen Safari Park in the Netherlands and from Mother Vixen came from the Dresden Zoo.

The Little Panda?

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The animal is native to the Himalayas in Bhutan, southern China, Pakistan, India, Laos, Nepal and Burma. 19659007] It is also known as "little" Panda or "Firefox".

Red Pandas Most of the time they spend in the trees – their sharp claws make them maneuverable climbers and they use their long, striped tails to compensate.

They are rare and classified as endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. [19659026]
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