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Reddit Expands Chat Rooms to More Subreddits – TechCrunch

If you'd rather chat with strangers who are hyperspecifically interested instead of keeping up with your staff's outdated memos on Slack, Reddit is ready for you. The platform has been working on a chat room feature for months and is now expanding beyond the early days as a very limited closed beta.

Many subreddits already use a Chat Room feature, but they live outside of Reddit, usually on Slack or Discord. With that in mind, it makes sense for Reddit to lure these users back into Reddit by offering their own chat feature.

I also spent some time in ch / r / bjj (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) chat How a psychedelic chat was connected to R / Weed to see how things went across the spectrum and it was pretty chilly ̵

1; mostly People who asked for general advice or sought answers to specific questions. In a reddit chat associated with the subreddit r / community_chat – the hub for the new chat feature – redditors discussed whether the rooms would cause more or less annoyance and whether the team should add ups, downvotes and karma Reddits normal threads. Of course, what I have seen is probably a long way from what the chat will look like when and when some of its more flammable subreddits get the new feature into their hands. We contacted Reddit with questions about whether all subreddits, even those hidden behind content alerts, will receive the new chat functionality.

Chat rooms are meant to complement existing subreddits, not a standalone community, so basically it's like watching a reddit thread in real time. On the Reddit blog, u / thunderemoji writes why Reddit is optimistic that chat rooms will not be just another trolling tool:

"I was initially scared that most people would produce the pitchforks and … unfriendly words I was pleasantly surprised that most people are actually quite nice – the type of direct chat in real time seems to be particularly disarming – even if people initially trample or troll in frustration, I've found that when talking to them and Showing them that you are a normal person like them, they almost always relax.

"Beyond just chilling, people who are initially harsh or skeptical of new things will often change their minds. Sometimes they are so excited that they appear in unexpected places and defend the thing that they once resolutely rejected, and that feels more authentic than anything I could say. "

While some qualitative experiences can only go so far fears, Reddit's chat has a few things to offer: firstly, moderators add chat rooms, so if the mods of a subreddit do not think they can handle the extra moderation, they have to Do not enable the feature. (A wired piece on thinking behind the chat examines some of these issues in more detail.)

In the same post, u / thunderemoji adds that Reddit's moderation features at the beginning of our process become a major priority for our roadmap "Mods have many tools available." These tools include an opt-in process, automatic banishment of chat users who are excluded from a subreddit, "kick" tools that take a user for 1 minute, 1 hour , 1 day or 3 days stop, the possibility to lock a room and freeze all activities, rate limits and more

To look for To register chat rooms (mods can add as many as they like), the moderators of a subreddit can add their name to a list that lives here. To discover chat rooms, you can search for a link to subreddits you've already visited, browse through this post by Reddit's product team, or check out / r / SubChats, a dedicated new subreddit that gathers active chat rooms that spark interest and interest Community-specific subreddits.

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