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References to new iPads and 7th Generation iPod Touch in iOS 12.2

Today, registration information for seven new iPad models has been found in the database of the Eurasian Economic Commission. In iOS 12.2, signs of new iPads and a 7th generation iPod touch have now been found.

Developer Steven Troughton-Smith has discovered references to four new iPad models, ranging from iPad 11.1 to iPad 11.4 two of them are WiFi and two of them are mobile. These model numbers do not match a well-known iPad model.

Troughton-Smith speculates that the iPad model numbers could be new iPad mini-devices, which would stand in the works with rumors suggesting a new iPad Mini 5. According to Troughton-Smith, none of the iPads has a face ID. This is what we would expect as a new iPad iPad which is likely to be positioned as an affordable lower-end device.

There is also a reference to "iPod 9.1

" that does not match any of the known iPod touch suggesting that it is a new next generation model. The current iPod touch sixth generation is "iPod 7.1" for reference. The iPod listed in iOS 12 .2 does not appear to have a Face ID or Touch ID, which is the same as the current iPod touch .

Earlier rumors suggest that Apple is working on an iPod touch 7th generation iPad mini 5 and a new version of the cheaper 9.7 inch iPad which can actually be upgraded to 10 inches in the next iteration.

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