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Refunds in 1-2 business days] Google Fi inadvertently charges the full price for funded 3s pixels at half price but is working on a fix

Google Fi has had some customer service issues over the years, but it has just reached a new level. Many customers who have purchased phones for financing plans are now billed at the full price of their devices. They pay out hundreds of dollars and incur additional costs such as overdraft charges. Google claims to know the problem and work on a fix.

Based on the content of the reports we have seen, only customers who bought Pixel 3 and 3 XL Phones from Fi via the recently offered half board seem to be concerned (or at least these are the only people who cancel their purchase.) However, due to the limited amount of information provided by Google's support staff on this topic, it may be possible that older purchases or other devices are affected.

[Update: we have received reports from customers that other devices purchased recently were also affected, Pixel owners are apparently just the most vocal.]

Some customers, in particular, claim that they did not receive billing error notification except the fee for their account. These costs can be up to $ 500 for the Pixel 3 XL and more for those who may have purchased multiple devices through the promo. For those who bought through a debit card on a tight budget, Goo's measures could be paralyzed here.

The statement submitted by a Google Fi representative in the Fi community.

The Google Fi subreddit is in full swing The related thread in the Google Fi community, some of which claim that Google's billing issues have led to overdraft charges and other costs, which is unlikely to be the case in the case of a simple refund be reimbursed. Some report that they could have received manual reimbursements from Fi's support representatives, although Google did not reimburse the tax for the erroneous fee in some cases. Others fear that fraud detection by their bank, which in some cases canceled the charges, will result in their account being blocked – as Google and Fi do so absolutely to customers.

At the time of writing It has been almost a day since the issue appeared and it has not been resolved based on its support thread and reports. Perhaps Google can finally fix its problem tomorrow at the opening of the banks – although it has to do a lot of juggling to reimburse costs such as overdraft fees due to its (19459006) Google procedure – that the problem is now solved and affected customers should expect reimbursements within the next 1-2 business days. Unfortunately, no refund for additional costs, such as overdraft costs, is mentioned as a direct result of a Google error.

We also received additional reports confirming that buyers of other devices are also affected (pixel owners, it seems, are only the loudest when it comes to questions.)

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