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Relief for U.K.'s May as Russia and Racism Turn Heat on Corbyn

Prime Minister Theresa May is on the way back, buoyed by international support for her stand against Russia, just as opposition Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn is struggling with accusations of anti-Semitism

May's patient and sometimes painful strategy of staying close to Donald Trump's administration have paid dividend Monday 60 he diplomats issued from the US over the nerve agent attack on ex-spy on British soil.

Meanwhile Corbyn, whose internal critics have largely begged her tongues since his unexpectedly good election performance in 2017, was the target of a demonstration outside Parliament led

Found Lacking

"He's got to take on responsibility for human resources," said Labor lawman Ian Austin, who joined several of his colleagues, including one-time leadership contenders Chuka Umunna and Liz Kendall at the protest, which filled Parliament Square.

The protest was called by Jewish community groups who ran out of patience with Corbyn after the anti-Semitic protest broke out mural in east london in 201


His defense of the painting, in a Facebook posting, suggesting an example of "repeated institutional failure to properly address Jewish concerns and to tackle anti-Semitism," the leaders of the Board of Deputies of British Jews and the Jewish Leadership Council said in an open letter. "Again and again, Jeremy Corbyn has sided with anti-Semites rather than Jews."

Hostile Reception

Julie Pelta, 41, a heathcare worker who joined the protest, said she might have come to a vote for the party in the past, but Corbyn has made her "more vehemently against Labor than I've ever been."

Corbyn on Monday afternoon issued the latest of a series of statements to close down the dispute. Anti-Semitic conspiracy theories are "the socialism of fools," he wrote, committing himself to being "a militant opponent of antisemitism."

As protesters chanted "Oh, Jeremy's a racist," to a tune more often used by his supporters when chanting his name, Corbyn's reception inside the House of Commons. Sergey Skripal and His Daughter in Salisbury, Western England.

Lawmakers – Some of His Own Do not Join the Protest – made clear displeasure at the Labor leader's stance on the attempted murder of former Russian spy. 'Just Not True'

He looked uncomfortable and was reluctant to take interventions as he faced open ridicule, barring and even a whistle as he spoke at the start of a debate on relations with Russia. Labor lawmaker John Woodcock, a long-time opponent, said he was "just not true."

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