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Religious protesters tried to get good omen out of the wrong network

  Michael Sheen and David Tennant in Good Omens

A quick Google search would help those trying to get Good Omens out of television, but fate has a different idea. When more than 20,000 people signed a petition to cause Netflix to cancel the program that actually ran on Amazon Prime we all had to sit back and laugh at our opponents.

They are angry with religious reasons to call the show "blasphemous", which is hilarious in the face of literally 90% of our current content, but okay, they resent a show that You just can not see it if you do not like it I think that this need to censor all to suit your ideals is becoming too commonplace in the world, and it is not necessarily fair to anyone who likes the archaic Do not affirm ideas of Christianity.

I say this as Christian. Relax. It's a show on Amazon Prime. You can still believe what you want; no soul stops you. Still, it's fun to ridicule these ridiculous complaints, and even Neil Gaiman himself has joined in the amusement and shared a list of complaints that could not be funnier if it were a deliberate parody.

Of course, the rest of Twitter started to have some fun.

Good Omens is an amazingly adorable show that I can not get enough of, you know, let the people go Angry Netflix and then Hulu email and complain to Showtime and HBO about the show! Because really, when you scream into the void that you hate something others love, it's adorable to see it.

Moral of the story? Netflix does not boycott shows on other platforms! Really disappointing!

(Image: Amazon Prime Video)

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