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Rep. Steve King is planning a re-election

"We know what the news media has been doing continuously," said King. "Every thing starts with a once credible organization that puts it out, and then we've unleashed this phenomenon, for which America is not ready, and that cyberbullying."

King was stripped of all committee missions and rejected by his members' own party last month after the New York Times article was published.

In the article, King asked, as part of a defense of what he called "the culture of America," how certain concepts became controversial in modern discourse. 19659002]

"White nationalist, white suprematist, western civilization – how did this language become offensive?" he told the Times. "Why did I sit in classes and learn about the merits of our history and our civilization?"

Despite the blame and the possibility of primary challengers motivated by the controversy, King said he has no plans to withdraw from Congress.

"I would say (voters), do not let the elitists in this country find power mediators in this country, tell them who you represent in the United States Congress, that's the key message," King said. "The Republicans are not voicing any of my votes or positions on these issues, and I do not see any political opponents coming and saying," I would have chosen differently. "

The Congressman did not seem to care about his re-election chances in 2020. He said Iowa voters see him as a fighter who "could bring the values ​​of Iowa into the presidential race."

King won his 201

8 race by 3.6 percentage points.

He said the whole controversy had been triggered by an interview in which he claimed he had been misquoted.

"I wish someone would ask (the New York Times reporter) to make a volume or a transcript, or at least ask him what question he asked," King said.

The incriminating quote, King said, was similar to what he had previously said in an interview with The Christian Science Monitor. In this interview, King said, he had discussed the confusion over the notion of Western civilization as offensive and discussed the "weapon" of language.

The interview with the Christian Science Monitor "described that these terms were armed by the left," King said. "And I used the terms racist and Nazi and fascist and white nationalist, I did not say the other word, the white superiority."

King said he did not think of the "hideous ideologies of white nationalism" white supremacy "and that he had never been discussed with the terms before.

" Throughout history, LexisNexis shows that I never use any of these terms said that they were called abominable ideologies, never. But I used it 276 times the words of Western civilization, "said King.

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