Not everyone has a vehicle with Android Auto, but Google's Auto interface is a capable replacement. However, it looks as if Google no longer needs car for cell phones with the wizard driving mode. It has many features of car, but is less restrictive. It will be available this summer for all assistive phones.

You can start the driving mode by saying the "Let's drive" wizard. Your phone instantly switches to a minimalist interface with useful links and actions. For example, you'll see traffic information above, followed by navigation, calls, and media. As in Android Auto, quick navigation links appear on events in your calendar. Of course you can talk to the assistant at any time.

Driving mode has the same functions on the phone as Auto, but with a different user interface that is easier to use. For example, you can navigate, but media in Drive mode will have a permanent play bar below the map. Car on phones has always been a rundown version of the car's user interface, but the driving mode seems more suitable for a smaller screen.