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Replaces DEs, impressive players early on, other takeaways of Eagles Jim Schwartz

Tuesday was the first day in months when Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz asked reporters questions. Many topics were discussed, including the replacement of key figures and the expectations of a few young players.

Here are five takeaways from 18 minutes with Schwartz on Tuesday morning:

Replaces Chris Long and Michael Bennett. Schwartz has been advised that the Eagles lose 15 1/2 sacks compared to the previous year. Last season, Bennett and Long were the Eagles' best rotation defenders. This year Vinny Curry, Josh Sweat and Shareef Miller are their top rotators. That could be a powerful steep drop.

Schwartz said that this was "business as usual" and pointed out that he would lose Connor Barwin and 201

8 Curry in 2017:

"A change in the NFL is nothing new. There is a challenge every year to replace certain productions. So that's nothing new. We will miss these guys. They were important parts of what we did, Chris for two years, Michael for one.

"This is just life in the NFL. You will have some roster sales and you will need to deal with it. I like some of the additions. We had that. We have some younger players who switch to some of these roles."

My Point of View: Schwartz is right that teams lose and replace players every year, but 2017 Barwin losing and Curry in 2018 are not synonymous with the loss of Long and Bennett this year Five seasons behind him and did not seem to be a good partner Curry had a three sack season behind him when he started with everyone But I'm surprised that Schwartz did not call Malik Jackson when he was asked about it Jackson is an interior decorator, but adding a good defender in any position will help – they may have lost depth at DE – but they should have much more depth at DT this year. [19659003] Great Year for 2017 Picks

This will be an important season – probably for various reasons – for Derek Barnett and Sidney Jones, the Eagles' first two picks from the 2017 draft.

Schwartz said both players would have played good football for them, which is true to varying degrees.

About Barnett: "I think the next step for a guy like Derek was that he played at a very high level before being injured last year. Obviously, it was not possible to recover and finish the year on the IR. His goal is to continue where he left off.

To Jones: "Sid was something like that. Fought some injuries early, then had some productive time in the field and then battled injuries again and fought on the field several times. I think that will be an advantage for him. It was a tough season for him, but he had some successes. He saw some hard times. By contents. Finished the year well, although he was not really back on the field for us. It is an important off season, an important training camp for him.

My point: I agree with everything Schwartz said. It seems like a long time ago, but it is important to remember that Barnett was successful early last season. He had 2 1/2 sacks in six games, which does not sound good, but he had those 2 1/2 sacks in the first four games when he was healthy. He was on a step for a two-digit sacking season.

And, as much as it was forgotten, Jones played pretty well at the beginning of the season as a corner. This is a completely new position for someone who has played a game in a year before. But he got hurt and has to stay healthy. If he does, he could still have a really good career.

Missing Malcolm

As you already know, Malcolm Jenkins is not in OTAs and this seems to be a contract-related absence. It was strange to see the Eagles training without their defensive leader, but Schwartz does not seem to be too worried.

"I know that when the chips are empty, you can count on Malcolm Jenkins," said Schwartz. "And many other people we want to find out about, and that's what they do here at this time of year. Malcolm already has some of these loans in his bank account.

My Attitude: It's no big deal that Jenkins misses OTAs, but it'll be interesting to see if he shows up as a compulsory minicamp. If he misses things and is ready to impose fines, this is a much bigger story.

Impressive Results

Schwartz was asked to name some players who impressed him on how they physically brought this offseason back. At first Schwartz said he did not want to answer the question … then he answered the question.

Rasul Douglas: "I think Rasul Douglas belongs to this category. Although he was not a beginner in the last few years, he probably has a year of starting experience behind him, and that's obvious when he goes out.

Hassan Ridgeway: "I think one of the guy who has really made great progress since we got him because we got him right in the draft was [DT Hassan] Ridgeway, defensive lineman. We're playing a different style in front and sometimes players do not look good right away, but he made a quick transition to what we do and he was impressive out here.

My Attitude: Douglas has recently posted a before-and-after photo of him in social media that looks absolutely torn. I had the opportunity to talk to Douglas about his transformation and will write about it later this week. The Ridgeway news is good too. He fights against Treyvon Hester for the last DT place. Either Ridgeway wins the job or he puts Hester in a competition. In any case, it's good for the Eagles.

Applying Brakes

After mentioning Douglas and Ridgeway, Schwartz offered an important caveat.

"They all look good at this time of year. I think after 27 years in the NFL, I could probably form a pretty good all-star team from OTAs and the first week in the training camp, and we can put this group together, and there probably would not be that many people, many people have heard of. "

Schwartz said that they give a review at this time of year, but make no definitive findings. OTAs are for individuals to get better. He also said that he is certain that some of us have written stories to reporters about players who have noticed in the spring and have never achieved much in the league.

My shot: Guilty as charged.

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