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Report: Samsung Galaxy Note 9 can start in July

Waiting for the Galaxy Note 9 could have been a bit shorter. That's because production of the next Samsung touch phone is reportedly ahead of schedule, according to Korean news broadcaster The Investor, which claims the Galaxy Note 9 could be released as early as July or early August.

This would be earlier than the release of the Galaxy Note 8 which Samsung announced on August 23 last year and put up for sale in mid-September .


The Galaxy Note 8 was unveiled in late August 2017.


The Galaxy Note is Samsung's high-end phone that comes with a digital stylus. It also often introduces new hardware and software features that the current Galaxy S phone does not have, making it a state-of-the-art device.

The investor bases its forecast on reports that Samsung will produce display OLED screens for the Galaxy Note 9 in April. Since the report claims that display production typically begins in June, the Galaxy Note 9 would be two months ahead of schedule. In turn, this could mean that the Galaxy Note 9 will be released sooner, but it might also be too early to say so.

Samsung declined to comment when CNET asked about the usual launch of the Galaxy Note in late August.

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Galaxy Note 8: The last word


But the early introduction of the Galaxy Note 9 could have a potential advantage: beat Apple's next iPhone. First rumors say that in September Apple could launch three new iPhones, each with a different size and price. This could be a serious competition for Samsung, but the 9 mark could benefit if it gets on the shelves early. Last year, the iPhone X did not hit the market until November, which may have helped Note 8 or not.

An early 9-mark release could also make up for the Galaxy S9 sales floor, according to the report, the "less than stellar".

When Samsung first brought a note in early August, Samsung recalled the phone and eventually stopped production according to reports, the Galaxy Note 7 battery caught fire. Since then, the company has introduced tougher test protocols for all new Samsung phones.

The investor also points out that the fingerprint sensor of the Note 9 is not embedded in the display of the phone. This comes a week after his earlier report that Samsung was still undecided (19459005) whether an in-display fingerprint reader should be included. Vivo and Huawei are two mobile phone brands that have already jumped on the new technology.

While we wait, here are our six ways that could beat the Galaxy Note 9 the Galaxy S9 .

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