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Report: Snapchat begins testing non-skippable ads

Snapchat is reportedly starting to test non-skippable ads next month, at least according to Digiday. This is another change that is unlikely to lead to more users using the service – which Snapchat wants and needs. After the big change in the user interface that debuted a few months ago, users rebelled against it. Many decided to uninstall the app, and Snapchat's shares crashed. Now non-skippable ads will not become fans' fans. But it will make advertisers happy, and Snapchat has to make its advertisers happy so it can stay in business.

The good news about these non-skippable ads, however, is that they do not appear in Discover or User -generated content. But rather in his TV-like content. The ads are said to be around six seconds long so they will not be very long, but it will drive some users crazy who do not want to see ads. Snapchat knows users do not like it, but the company hopes users will get used to it. In the hope that users will handle these non-skippable ads and receive free content for the service. Snapchat also mentioned that the majority of Snapchat generation is already used to seeing ads on other platforms like YouTube and Facebook. So it should not be a big deal, at least not in Snapchat's eyes, but users never like to make a difference – as the redesign showed last month.

While Snapchat starts testing these new, non-skippable ads next month, the service does not mean they'll be rolled out next month. It may indeed take a while for these non-skippable ads to be introduced, and there may be some changes before they are rolled out – perhaps a little shorter ads or the possibility of being skipped after three or four seconds. Snapchat has confirmed that it will test these non-skippable ads, although not much has been said about these ads. I just confirm that it's planned to test it, not more. Look forward to more information in the near future.

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