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Report: The annual release of Call of Duty wobbles, but Treyarch gears up to rescue her

Call of Duty's production is in trouble, but the franchise will be released for the 16th time in 2020, according to another Kotaku report on Activision studio happenings in 2020.

Jason Schreier's report describes how tight the time frame for creating a Call of Duty concept has already been for three years, and lets the reader see how unprecedented the series' annual run is and how natural it is today , Call of Duty has been publishing a game every year since 2005, each year coming from the previous two console generations. At that time it was often the best-selling game of those years and became a cultural phenomenon, especially since the Modern Warfare of 2007.

But, according to Kotaku, the game Call of Duty 2020 has since been led by Treyarch Collaboration between Sledgehammer Games and the longtime support studio Raven Software, which now holds a leadership role, did not go well. This means that Treyarch, two years after 201

8 (19459005) (Black Ops 4 (19459006)) is responsible for providing a Black Ops game supported by Sledgehammer and Raven. Schreier talked to some developers who are worried about possible overtime (especially since this game should bridge two generations of consoles when the next comes out in 2020). Others from Treyarch were more optimistic, saying they already had a solid design that could handle the accelerated schedule.

Series founder Infinity Ward is behind this year's unannounced Call of Duty, which is almost certainly the next Modern War. This is about the time of the year when Activision announces before the E3 where the series goes next. Sledgehammer is the latest arm in a rotation that has been Call of Duty every year for the past two console generations.

Sledgehammer supported Infinity Ward at Modern Warfare 3 last time that one of the Call of Duty sub-series was released after a two-year break. Sledgehammer had Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare for 2014, then a well-received Call of Duty: WWII for 2017. Obviously, it's not the main studio of the 2020 game. This has led to tensions between staff and Raven software, Schreier reported. Raven is one of Activision's oldest in-house studios, but has been primarily a support company for the past decade. Most recently, he was in charge of Activision's Call of Duty Online (China only) (19459005) Kotaku's report highlights the fact that Call of Duty has nothing comparable to the certainty that it will be launched every November , Sports video games do not really count because they are profoundly iterative works, although the developers of EA Sports, 2K Sports, Konami and Sony San Diego would probably have something to say about rapid plans.

Electronic Arts tried the same for the Battlefield and Medal of Honor series from 2010 to 2018, but two disappointing Medal of Honor contributions have brought this series to a standstill postponed from 2014 to 2015. Otherwise, the only thing Activision has achieved since the second inauguration of George W. Bush would be something like Assassin's Creed series by Ubisoft. It will be released on PCs and consoles every year from 2009 to 2015 (and even doubled in 2012 and 2014 with separate titles for PS Vita and Xbox 360).

That ended in 2016, after Ubisoft took a step back and after a glitch of Assassin's Creed Unity (2014) and a lukewarm response to Syndicate (2015) kicked back the franchise exam. There will not be an Assassin's Creed in 2019 either, but the series is in much better shape after two strong launches with Origins and Odyssey . A third watchdog, though not officially announced, could take its place this year, like its predecessor for Assassin's Creed in 2016. We'll probably find it out in a few weeks.

Activision seems determined to reach this annual milestone. and esports can be a big reason why. The Call of Duty World League started in 2016 and their seasons have all started within two months of the start of the current game. This accounts for a large part of the league's attractiveness and observability, and of course the league provides the brand with an overall advertising advantage.

Activision Blizzard is the owner of this league and announced earlier this month that the first five cities have been franchised in another Call of Duty League. ESPN reported that Activision had asked for up to $ 25 million per team from those who wanted to shop.

In addition, it was said in Kotaku that Black Ops 4 had not pictured the kind of revenue stream Activision had hoped. Activision itself lowered its sales expectations for the Call of Duty 2019 in February, but said at the time that the first sales of Black Ops 4 were strong. However, Kotaku said executives are considering a free component for this year's Call of Duty. Executives said in February that there will be a campaign, and Kotaku said yesterday that will be the case with Call of Duty 2020 as well.

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