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Report: UFC London fighters paid a maximum of $ 20,000 for canceled cards

Some fighters are reported to be happy, while others are angry at how the UFC has handled withdrawals for the now canceled UFC London event.

The promotion attempted to advance its scheduled event on March 21, at the height of the government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Ultimately, they were forced to destroy the card and drive fighters out of England as the country approached closure. Fighters, fans and the media wondered how the UFC would take care of the fighters who trained for a card that never happened.

Every fighter on the UFC London card reportedly received “no more than $ 20,000”

; ESPNAriel Helwani. This contradicts an earlier report that fighters would receive their “basic pay”. This payout was said to have shared the fighters.

“I was told that the fighters who were scheduled to line up on the unfortunate London map on March 21 did not get more than $ 20,000,” Helwani said. “As you can imagine, some of the higher earners are not too happy with this amount, while others were happy to get something for nothing.”

It can be imagined that short-term fighters, less notable athletes, and perhaps those who are based in the UK, have likely drawn value from the deal. Some may have had shorter, cheaper training camps, or less expensive travel and accommodation. At least $ 20,000 is more than some of the openers would have earned if they lost. Those on the card, like former welterweight UFC world champion Tyron Woodley and other fighters outside Europe, may not feel adequately compensated with $ 20,000.

The UFC has had to cancel or move a number of cards due to the novel corona virus crisis, but is preparing to return with UFC 249 on May 9.

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