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Reporter pushes Pompeo to see if he has met with Giuliani in Warsaw

A reporter from a television station in Nashville urged the foreign minister. Mike Pompeo Michael (Mike) Richard Pompeo Pompeo: "I wish the NBA would recognize the Senator's treatment of Uyghur Muslims." Accused of retaliation and harassment. Democrats call for testimony from the US diplomat who questioned Trump's motivation for Ukraine. MORE on whether he met President Trump . Donald John Trump introduces a law on sanctions against Turkey Trump Prohibits Dismissal at 2020 Dismissal MORE Lawyer Rudy Giuliani Rudy Giuliani Trump arrested Giuliani employee attended Trump's inviting election evening party 2016: Report MORE if she w earlier this year in Warsaw, Poland.

The leading US diplomat on Friday did not seem to give a direct answer to Nancy Amons' question from the WSMV.

When asked if he met with Giuliani, Pompeo replied, "I do not talk about who I'm meeting with, I went to Warsaw for a purpose, it was an important mission." around the world to fight the largest state-funded terror in the world, the Islamic Republic of Iran. That's what I've been working on on this mission, "he added.

" So you will not say if you met him? "Amons asked.

" When I was in Warsaw, I had a unique focus. My focus was solely on the work we have done, effective work to restore what the Obama administration has done, to assure the world. We've stopped it. We're making real progress, "said Pompeo.

" It does not sound like you're saying it, "Amons told him.

" When I was in Warsaw, we worked diligently to complete the mission Pompeo reiterated, "I've been working on that to end the terror regime in the Islamic Republic of Iran." That's the only thing I did while I was there. "

When Amons asked for text messages from diplomats about relations between the US and Ukraine, Pompeo said it looked as though she had the Democrats worked National Committee (DNC).

"Text messages show that diplomats under their authority told Ukrainians that good relations with President Trump are only possible if they examine his political opponents and theories about what happened in 2016 , Did you know that this happened? "She asked.

" You misunderstood your facts. It sounds as if you are at least partially working for the Democratic National Committee, "he said.

The State Department did not immediately respond to The Hill's request for comment.

House democrats opposed to President Trump in an impeachment investigation Investigating Ukraine, summoned Pompeo for documents and requested testimony from several current and former State Department officials

They are investigating Trump's efforts to force Ukraine to take action against unfounded allegations against the Democratic presidential candidate. Joe Biden [19659020] Joe Biden sees a despised ambassador while GOP defends Trump MORE Trump and Biden have both denied wrongdoing.

When Judy Woodruff of "PBS NewsHour" mentioned unfounded allegations earlier this week, Pompeo also suggested that it looked like wu They're working for the DNC Biden, "Woodruff said, according to a transcript.

"They all repeat this line as if they were working for the DNC," Pompeo said.

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