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Researchers build up exact maps of coyote expansion (study) • Regal Tribune

  Coyote on a Trail

Coyotes have gained dominance over North America

Coyotes are now widespread throughout North America, but the truth is that no one knows where they come from. That's why researchers from the North Carolina Museum of Natural History have decided to reveal their secrets. By looking at a series of fossils and other museum objects, they were finally able to reconstruct the lost history of the animals.

Coyotes are now an important part of the North American continent

Since the beginning of the 20th Most mammals suffered serious declines in their populations, both in North America and around the world. However, this was not the case with coyotes as they suddenly spread across the continent. When it comes to this expansion, there is much information about the distribution of these creatures at the local level. However, it was not easy to look at the entire continent.

For this study, researchers started right at the beginning. Based on the fossils they had, they reconstructed the genetic material from the original coyote set of the world. After that, they checked all the archaeological evidence that they had for a period from 1

900 to 2016.

These creatures have actually spread over a much larger surface

In this way, they obtained data from 12,500 exhibits that spread across one Period of 10,000 years. In the end, they got some really interesting insights. It turns out that the first coyotes are actually spread in a much larger region in North America. Initially, researchers thought they only populated desert areas, but fossil evidence says the opposite.

In 1920, however, coyotes began to gain supremacy over the North American territories and expanded what that fossil evidence showed. Most likely, the phenomenon is due to land fragmentation. But the expansion of agriculture and the spread of other species also played an important role. Over time, these creatures expand these areas even more.

These observations paint a better picture of their evolution than predators and their role in the North American ecosystem. In addition, researchers were able to combat the false knowledge of coyotes and create accurate maps of their expansions. The study of these creatures was published in the journal ZooKeys .

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