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REST IN PEACE. Richard Erdman, Stalag 17-actor and Leonard of the community

Photo: Jason Kempin (Getty Images)

According to film historian Alan K. Rode (about The Hollywood Reporter ), actor and director Richard Erdman – who owned more than 170 acting credits. Nowadays he is known for his recurring role in the NBC community – he died. No further information was provided, with the exception of Rode, who said that Erdman died within a few hours of his posting on social media. Erdman was 93 years old.

Erdman was born in 1925 in Oklahoma. He played in the theater program of his high school and was encouraged by a director to try his luck in Hollywood. One of his earliest roles was Casablanca director Michael Curtiz Janie in 1944, with THR stating that Curtiz was so impressed by Erdman's work that he got it right away signing a contract with Warner Bros. – even though he was only 19 years old. Although a joke was made about Erdman's figure being one of the original little Rogues Erdman's reality was not right. The career was just as long and stormy as the joke suggested. He often appeared as a wise buddy of the main characters and (like any other actor in the '40s and' 50s) as a soldier known to have performed alongside Marlon Brando The Men and as a barack commander in Stalag 17 . He also appeared in Torah! Tora! Tora! and Cry Danger .

Erdman also played a role in the iconic Twilight Zone episode "A Kind Of A Stopwatch," in which a guy named McNulty gets access to a clock that can freeze time. Of course, he abuses it, and in practice, robbing a bank, he breaks off the clock and can not continue the time. In the last few decades, Erdman has continued to work mainly on television, appearing in many smaller roles and in a handful of animated shows. However, for the modern public, he is best known as the older hipster student Leonard at the community . Erdman's Leonard was a mess on an already chaotic campus. He jumped up to blow a raspberry, take the main characters off the hook, or check out frozen pizzas on YouTube.
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