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Review: British Airways 777 First Class

While flying with British Airways First Class many times, there were a few things that made my London-Boston flight unique:

Redeem Miles with British Airways

I was able to book award tickets on the following Itinerary:

BA651 Mykonos to London Departure 1:45 pm Arrival 3:45 pm [Business] BA239 London Departure 7:55 pm Arrive 10:20 pm [First]

We booked this with British Airways Avios – the Die Costs were $ 100,000 Avios per person plus $ 341 in taxes, fees and surcharges charged by the carrier.

While British Airways is known for its high surcharges, these vary widely depending on country of origin and were among the lowest transatlantic fuel surcharges. I have ever seen me travel in first class British Airways.

While 1

00,000 Avios are a lot, last year I transferred with a 40% bonus over Avios, so I really paid 72,000 Amex points per person, which I did not do. Hink was too bad.

In this post you will find the best credit cards for collecting British Airways Avios.

Our London Heathrow Transit

Originally our stay at Heathrow would take more than four hours, but with the delay instead, it took about two hours. There is still a lot of time and I am glad that we have not planned a shorter stopover.

We arrived at Terminal 5 and left it, so the transit process was easy. The safety line was not bad and we were back on the air within 20 minutes, which is very fast for Heathrow standards.

We walked for almost an hour to the British Airways Concorde Room. I have extensively tested this lounge, so I will not do it again except to point out two things I've noticed:

  • The lack of power outlets in this lounge is annoying. I just flew from a four-hour flight without a power outlet and had to work and charge for a short time. I literally did not find a comfortable seat that also had a charger. It ended up that I literally had to sit next to a stranger on a couch for two to sit in a place that I could recharge.
  • I do not know why British Airways is annoying with a spa. In virtually every other lounge with spa you can make an appointment within a few hours (also in Business Class). At British Airways I called the previous day to make an appointment and there was nothing available. I just do not understand.

The boarding should start at 18:55 clock at the gate B45, so we drove there at 18:40 clock. For this I had to take the train to the waiting hall "B".

British Airways 777 London Heathrow

There was "SSSS" on my boarding pass, so I had to undergo additional control. As it does at Heathrow, they actually let you pass the gate and then they ask you to sit down. Once boarding begins, they search your belongings. While I always tried to get on board first to get pictures, this time I was not able to because I was searched.

The boarding started at 19:10.

British Airways Heathrow departure gate

British Airways 777 – First Class Review

After I had searched my stuff, I went down the jet bridge.

British Airways 239
London (LHR) – Boston (BOS)
Thursday, August 15
Departure: 19:55
Arrival: 22:20
Duration: 7 hours 25 minutes
Airplane: Boeing 777-200
Seat: 2E (First Class)

I got in through the second door on the left, where I was greeted by the customer service manager and another flight attendant was accompanied to the cabin of the first class. It was my first time flying with the British Airways 777 First Class, and I was surprised at how well I liked the cabin.

There were a total of 14 First Class seats – there were four seats on each side along the windows and then three pairs of seats in the middle section. The cabin feels spacious and I like the way it occupies the entire space between doors one and two, giving it a good deal of privacy.

British Airways First Class Cabin 777 -200

British Airways 777-200 First Class Cabin

To Compare this to the other British Airways aircraft:

  • The 747 has something nice in it's nose, although the cabin is the narrowest in the fleet.
  • The A380 has an even more spacious cabin, but for some reason I actually preferred the 777 cab (maybe I have lower expectations of the first class of a 777 than on an A380?)
  • The 787 has the advantage to have only two rows, so that the cabin feels a bit more exclusive.

I had assigned the two middle seats in the second row. These are by no means first-rate seats, though it's nice to sit together with your travel companion and just communicate. This is particularly true after flying a few months ago with ANA First Class, where the center seats are designed so that you basically can not communicate with each other.

British Airways 777 First Class Seats

British Airways 777 First Class Cabin

When If you are traveling alone, you should, of course, pick one of them, facing the windows. British Airways has blinds that can be automatically lowered at the touch of a button – a nice touch. While the seats are not up to date, British Airways has done a great job with mood lighting and ambience.

However, as you can see, British Airways' top-notch seats are essentially glorified reversed herringbone seats.

British Airways 777 First Class Seats

British Airways First Class Seats 777

At my seat was An ottoman that could do twice as good as a mates fit if you want to eat face-to-face with someone. The personal TV flipped out of the middle section and had to be stored for takeoff and landing (which means you can not see anything during these flight phases).

British Airways 777 First Class Seats

British Airways First Class Seats 777

I find the placement of the Socket on the seat quite annoying because you do not have access to it while sitting. Rather, it's on the side of the ottoman, so you basically have to go to your knees to join something. As I took a picture of it, I also noticed how bad the cleaning of British Airways is.

First Class British Airways Power Outlet

While I appreciated the privacy screens between the seats, the following picture shows the extent to which they can be retracted. This means that you can have complete privacy, but there is no way to actually push them all the way back, leaving the space between the seats completely open. I'm not sure why they do not have that.

British Airways first class privacy screen

The shiny tray table has been unfolded from the right side of the seat. It's massive when it's fully extended, but you can flip it over easily.

British Airways First Class Storage Table

The seat control is really easy to use. They are located to the right of the seat. There is a button that allows you to lean back or lean back, which I really like (if the lights are green, you can take off and land well). You can also control the lighting from here.

First Class Seat Controls by British Airways

You could tell how old-fashioned this 777-200 is based on the entertainment controller, located in the back right corner of the seat. Located here also the USB ports.

First Class British Airways Entertainment Controls

Along the outside of the seat was a small wardrobe where you could hang a cupboard or something similar.

British Airways Wardrobe

Although these seats do not have much privacy, I would note that at least the seats are a staggered bit, so you'll never be next to someone sitting across the hallway.

British Airways First Class 777

At my place when boarding, several beds were waiting, including two pillows and a bedspread. I would not call this bedding modern, but it was much better than the flat pillow that British Airways used to have on each seat when boarding.

British Airways First Class Sheets

Then there were some pretty disappointing headphones.

British Airways First Class Headphones

A few minutes after flying in the flight attendant who took care of me, came by to introduce himself. This flight was made by a mixed fleet of British Airways whose flight attendants paid less. There are a lot of sales with these flight attendants, although they are generally enthusiastic and with good intentions. That was the case here as well.

First I was asked if I would like to drink something. I ordered a glass of champagne (British Airways serves Laurent Perrier Grand Siecle, which I really like).

British Airways has greatly improved glasses, cutlery and food, and I noticed that immediately. I love their new champagne flutes and also that they now serve warm towels on small trays instead of handing them directly to you.

British Airways First Class Champagne & Nuts

While I'm a minor, I would like to mention the following:

  • Although I finish my first glass of champagne long before boarding had brought my glass only when I was done, instead of being asked if I would like another champagne was poured into me, rather than that it was poured in my place, as it is my experience usually the case.

Next I was offered a pajamas. British Airways recently changed their pajamas. British Airways now has pajamas from British fashion brand Temperley London. I liked the pajamas pretty well, although I honestly liked the old pajamas from British Airways.

First Class Pajamas by British Airways

Next, I was offered a very well-stocked pajamas set with Elemis products. Although Elemis is not my favorite brand, I still thought it was an excellent set.

British Airways first-class trim set

Interestingly, it seems only slippers to be available on request (or at least this was the case on this flight). The new slippers by British Airways are also great – they are durable and comfortable.

First Class Slippers by British Airways

About 20 minutes after boarding, I was offered the menu for the flight to Boston.

British Airways first-class menu

At 19:45 it was announced that the boarding was complete PA to add his welcome aboard and us over to inform our flight time from 6h50min to Boston. He told us that we would cross at an altitude of 36,000 feet and be punctual.

A few minutes later, the door closed (with 13 of the 14 first-class seats), and by this time the customer service manager welcomed him on board.

At 19:55 we started our pushback. At this point, the security video was played. British Airways' safety video is pretty funny the first or second time, but after that it's a bit … a lot.

At 20:05 we started our taxi, which was pretty fast. At 20:25 we were released for the start.

When we got out, I went through the entertainment selection of British Airways. This flight had British Airways oldest entertainment system. While the selection was ok, I found the screen of low quality. British Airways has updated screens on some aircraft, but not in this one.

First Class Entertainment Selection by British Airways

The selection itself was decent – Not industry leading, but you will not be bored either.

British Airways First-Class Entertainment Selection

British Airways First-Class Entertainment Selection

I also have the air show for our flight Boston checked. British Airways ticket on the way to Boston

] British Airways now offers Wi-Fi on much of its long-haul aircraft, including this aircraft. You have two speed options and three packages each.

For the "Browse" package (referred to as the basic package for surfing the Internet) the following rates apply:

  • 1 hour: 6 USD
  • 4 hours: 13 USD
  • Full flight: $ 18 [19659016]
    British Airways Wifi Pricing

    Then for the "Stream" package (described as a high-speed web browser and video streaming) The prizes are as follows:

    • 1 Hour: $ 10
    • 4 hours: $ 23
    • Full Flight: $ 30 [19459090]
      British Airways Wifi Prizes

      I purchased the "Stream" – Package for the entire flight. Although not cheap, the speeds were excellent and it's nice to have no data caps.

      The seatbelt sign was turned off just five minutes after launch. A few minutes later, the Customer Service Manager came through the cabin to greet each passenger on board. The service started pretty fast afterwards. The menu was as follows:

      The drinks list was as follows:

      Two Thoughts:

      • I think they only use general menus for all their flights to the US, but the main meal on a flight at 19:55 should not Be "lunch". [19659015] "Although the product has been manufactured with the utmost care due to its nature, there is little risk of pellets being shot into the product." – hah

      Just 20 minutes after launch, I got my first drink along with the canapés offered. I love it when airlines get you their first drink so soon after taking off. British Airways has completely redesigned its first class food service and I am very impressed.

      I love the new glasses (as mentioned above) and the way canapés are displayed. I drank another glass of champagne and then passed the canapés:

      • Devonshire crab with Oscietra caviar and pumpernickel
      • Duck confit with caramelized hazelnut and orange-ginger compote
      • Feta cheese with lovage pesto and smoked pork Tomato

      British Airways First Class Dinner – Champagne & Canapés

      Ford drank the "classic mule" he enjoyed.

      British Airways First Classic Dinner – Classic Mule

      After we were served drinks, our food orders were accepted. I was very happy that for once they did not run out of anything, which for me is a new experience in the First Class of British Airways.

      After the first round of drinks, it took a while for the food to finish. About 65 minutes after the start my table was covered.

      British Airways First Class Dinner – Table Setting

      A few minutes later, the starter was brought to me. For that I ordered the Loch Fyne Smoked Salmon Tatar with smoked mayonnaise, seed cracker and quail egg. It was excellent in taste and presentation.

      British Airways First Class Dinner Starters

      Ford had the boar tortellini with arrabbiata sauce that he enjoyed. Again, the presentation was excellent.

      British Airways First Class Dinner Appetizer

      Next I had the asparagus cream soup with summer truffle, poached Burford Browns egg. I was impressed to be brought the bowl of egg and truffle, and then the liquid portion of the soup was poured into the bowl at my seat. Is that really British Airways?!?

      British Airways First Class Dinner Soup

      For my entree I had the fillet of halibut with roasted cucumber, girolle, and salad cream. The dish was excellent – the fish itself was great, as were the side dishes.

      British Airways First Class Dinner – Main Course

      You can order from a selection of pages, and I had the cauliflower florets, which were served in a separate bowl.

      British Airways First Class Dinner – Side

      Ford had the seared fillet of aged Herefordshire beef with Cafe de Paris butter and red wine jus he enjoyed.

      British Airways First Class Dinner – Main Course

      For dessert, I finally ordered the milk chocolate and amaretto tart with salted caramel. Yum!

      First Class British Airways Dinner – Dessert

      The food was ready after about 2 hours and 20 minutes in flight and I was impressed. I love their new presentation and the quality of the food was excellent too. I have not told Ford that British Airways has made improvements, but he has independently told me that he was so impressed with the food that they made similar changes in first grade.

      As for service, the crew was friendly and reasonably attentive. They were not quite as good as some of the more "experienced" flight attendants British Airways has in their "worldwide" fleet (though they are also a mixed bag – some are fantastic, others are pretty bad). Overall, I was satisfied with the service.

      At the end of the meal, I was asked if I would like to have my bed made, which I agreed with. I went to the front of the cabin to use the toilet while it was done. There were two toilets at the front of the cabin for the first class, although both were pretty naked.

      British Airways 777 First Class Toilet

      British Airways 777 First Class Toilet Facilities

      British new beds Airways seem to surpass the old beds. My only complaint is that the duvet is not very wide. I like to wrap myself in a blanket like a burrito, while this is not possible.

      British Airways First Class Bed

      British Airways First Class Bed

      When I went to sleep, there were about 4h30min left. I fell asleep almost immediately, as it had been a long day.

      Map on the way to Boston

      About 90 minutes before my arrival, I woke up. This is probably a good time to mention that I believe that this was my last departure from the UK to the US and that I loved going so late at night. I slept soundly for three hours.

      You think that would get in the way of sleeping at night, even though I could not sleep in my hotel. However, I went to bed at 1am and woke up at 6am, so I basically slept a full night and did not jet lag.

      Map on the way to Boston

      When I woke up You have just started the afternoon tea service (although at this time in fact either 2:00 or 21:00 Clock was, whichever time zone you prefer). The menu was as follows:

      I selected the sandwiches and scones. The new afternoon tea setup by British Airways is beautiful. I had:

      • A very normal scone
      • sandwiches, including cucumbers with cream cheese, dill and chives on white bread, shrimp-Marie-Rose rolls, roast beef with horseradish on malted bread
      • Pastries, including Victoria sandwich, Dundee Fruit Wedge, Chocolate Raspberry Cremeux
      • Chamomile Tea

      British Airways First Class Afternoon Tea

      At 21:35 Boston time, the first officer announced that we would descend into Shortly, and that we would land at 10:15 pm. A few minutes later we started the descent. Then the crew collected pillows and blankets (British Airways requires you to stop using pillows or blankets during take-off or landing).

      Surely we landed in Boston at 10PM: 15PM, and from there we had a 15 minute taxi to our arrival gate, where we arrived at 22:30.

      British Airways First Class Mood Lighting

      That's a nice touch At British Airways, the pilot always makes an announcement when they arrive at the gate. We made it through the immigration quickly and then headed to the Hyatt Regency Boston Harbor, where we spent the night before returning to Florida the next morning (which I will review in the next episode).

      British Airways 777 First Class Bottom Line

      British Airways is investing in its premium product, and that is making itself felt. Based on this experience, I can say that British Airways has significantly improved its first-class soft product. The glasses and porcelain were beautiful and the food was excellent.

      Also, I liked the world-class cabin 777 very well, and I appreciate that British Airways is increasingly offering WiFi on its long-haul aircraft.

      All in all, British Airways does not offer a top notch top product, and it's unlikely ever to become a top product.

      • British Airways First Class is the only first-rate transatlantic product that you can consistently book in advance with miles on spare level, including with affiliate miles feeling all the better about the experience; Our one-way ticket surcharges from Mykonos to Boston were $ 228, while the one-way ticket surcharges from Miami to London would have been $ 800 (they are much cheaper if you leave Europe, especially if you are traveling from

      Once you've gotten to know the new world-class soft product from British Airways, what was your experience?

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