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Review: Delta Air Lines 737 First Class

To end the journey, Ford and I flew to Tampa so we could see my mother and pick up Winston for spending the last few weeks with her. Every flight that Winston waits at the other end feels like a flight from Singapore to Newark, considering how excited I am to see him.

Winston (yes, my mother may have bought him a few too many toys) [19659003] Delta, JetBlue and Spirit all fly nonstop from Boston to Tampa. We finally flew with Delta because the fares were top notch.

Delta First Class Booking

Of the three major US airlines, Delta is my most popular airline. Since I live in Miami, I always struggle with the prospect of completely relocating my loyalty to them. One of the reasons why I do not feel the need to shift my loyalty to Delta is that they offer their first class pretty consistently at a reasonable price, at least in the markets I fly to.

While I forgot to take a screenshot on that when I was booking, I just took one, and I think this price is exactly what I saw on my flight. We booked first class on this route just a few weeks for $ 272 per person. Ford had checked-in luggage so we could save $ 30 by booking first class (none of us co-branded Delta Amex or Delta at the time).

But Delta Is It Really In my opinion, pricing is smart:

  • It pays to pay an additional $ 15 to bypass the base economy.
  • I'm not sure it's worth paying $ 54 extra to upgrade from Main to Comfort +, but I think it's worth $ 139 to upgrade to First Class on a plane in which you fly for four hours (3 hours 22 minutes rest period plus boarding commence 40 minutes before departure).

So we booked first class, and I have to say this is one of the cheapest first class rates I've ever booked.

If you want to earn delta miles, this article covers the best credit cards you can earn for delta miles.

Delta first-class rating

I do not I'll first check a domestic flight, but then I figured why the hell was not it? International flights may be more interesting, but there are far more domestic flights than international flights. Hopefully this will be useful (you can tell me if you want more or if I should just stick to international reviews). [19659006] Delta begins boarding 40 minutes before departure, and boarding is announced at 7:38.

Those who needed help or additional time together with the active US military were first invited on board, followed by first-class members and Diamond Medallion.

It is interesting to note that the premium passengers on the Delta, while the Americans and United selected elite members before boarding, actually go on board first. Personally, I prefer this system, but each own …

Delta 2913
Boston (BOS) – Tampa (TPA)
Friday, August 16
Departure: 8:18 pm
Arrival: 11:43 am
Duration: 3 hours 25 minutes
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Seat: 4C (First Class)

Two absolutely nice flight attendants were greeted at the door – "Good morning welcome on board How are you today?

This flight was made by one of Delta's outdated Boeing 737-800s, the first class consisted of a total of 16 seats distributed in a 2: 2 configuration on four rows.

Many of the Delta 737's have a newer interior than this, but still it was better than most of the other interiors you'll find inside the US.

Delta 737 First Class Cabin

Each seat contained a personal television set, as is customary on all Delta 737s (and 700 of its mainline aircraft) for this matter. However, these screens were rather small.

Delta 737 First Class Cabin

The Delta 737 First Class Seats

was sufficient, but the legroom was certainly not as good as the old American 737-800s, but they configure these Airplanes with less legroom are new, and by comparison these planes seem to be more comfortable.

Delta 737 First Class Seats

Delta 737 First Class Cabin

Delta 737 First Class Seats

I had assigned the seats on the right in row four. I like the way Delta backrests have different pockets for storing things.

First Class Delta Legroom

Under the center armrest were sockets.

Delta First-Class Sockets

One thing I did not like is that they do not have a proper partition between the cabins, just a small partition and a curtain. On the positive side, this means that the legroom is excellent in the first row of economy.

Delta 737 Cabin Dividers

Although this was not Delta's best aircraft, it is ultimately the service that makes it the carrier. At each seat waiting at the boarding a bottle of water (not offered by American and United).

First Class Delta Mineral Water

There was also a cushion and a blanket. On most domestic flights, American Airlines offers only a blanket and no first-class pillows.

Delta First Class Pillow & Blanket

I was also offered a pair of headphones.

Top-class Delta Headphones

Within minutes, the friendly flight attendants came through the cabin to offer drinks that were not only bottled before departure. I passed because I had enough coffee and water in the SkyClub.

Just in time for the departure time, the captain came to the PA to tell us about our flight time of 2 hours and 40 minutes. He added, "Unfortunately, we have bad news …"

I'm probably too accustomed to flying Americans because I immediately thought we'd have to get off the plane, find a new plane, and so on. [19659006] "Unfortunately we have a small mechanical problem and we are still waiting for some bags to be loaded." The captain released an update at around 8:30 am and said that they were waiting for some paperwork (which is sometimes the case for Americans) Case was never coming), and at 8:40 we were told that we would leave soon.

I would notice how adorable the crew was. They kept coming back to the cabin to offer people more drinks. They also accepted food orders, spoke to every passenger by name and even thanked some elite members for their business. The breakfast selection was between an egg sandwich and yogurt and cereal. With Delta, you can now pre-order your meals, so we ordered one a few days before departure.

At 8:45 we started our pushback and at 9:00 am we were in the air. Since this was a Friday morning, I had to work and connected to the Gogo 2Ku-WLAN. Otherwise, while I have a monthly membership with Gogo, the price was as follows:

  • An hour costs $ 10
  • A passport costs $ 25

As usual, Delta offers a free SMS flight.

[19659006] About 20 minutes after the start, warm towels were distributed.

First-Class Delta Breakfast – Warm Towel

Next tablecloths were distributed, followed by drinks. I ordered a coffee.

First Class Breakfast – Delta – Coffee

Breakfast was served. Ford had the egg sandwich, which included turkey and bacon and was served with a side dish of fruit and some blueberry chobani yoghurt.
First Class Delta Breakfast

Delta's Local Food is Consistent In my experience, not great. I would say it's what Americans serve, if not a little worse. They do not fly delta inland for food.

First-Class Delta Breakfast

Then, when it was time for the flight attendant to serve my food, she came to me with a horrified look on her face.

"Mr. Lanky, I'm so sorry. You have pre-ordered your meal, so you would have had to make your first choice to get it. I just found out that we messed up something and that the number of each dish that my sheet says it should have been loaded does not match the number actually loaded. "

Basically, I could have the egg sandwich, but they do not have yogurt and cereal are not there anymore. She offered me the sandwich or asked if I wanted anything from the economy.

She felt genuinely worse than she should have been. I said the sandwich was alright and I would just pull off the bacon. There was a snack basket, and before she offered it to the rest of the cabin, she came up to us and offered us our choice of what we wanted. Delta First-Class Snacks You literally came by my place three times to apologize. First, she pulled out her portable device to offer me compensation. All I had to do was enter my SkyMiles number and get credited 2,500 miles (see figure – Delta Front Line employees are great, but sometimes their back-end stuff confuses me).

Then she asked if we were traveling for fun or business. I explained that we visited my mother and she asked if my mother preferred red or white wine. She then offered me a bottle of white wine, which I could take for my mother.

That was not a big deal for me at first, but to see how proactive and apologetic the flight attendant was is not something you just can not see on other airlines. Although the reaction was exaggerated, it was not unlike how it interacted with everyone else.

She kept pacing the corridor to see if anyone wanted anything, had a big smile on her face and made everyone feel really welcome.

I spent most of the flight working and not really using the conversation except to look at the map. I pretty much think that Delta's maps are a bit dated. I'm not sure what caused that, but I do not think our flight from Boston to Tampa lasted 73 hours and 15 minutes, nor did he cover 4,292 miles.

Delta Personal Television

Delta Private Television

Delta Private Television

The only other thing I want to say is that the toilet was nicer than the typical US 737 toilet, and I especially like Malin + Goetz soap.

Delta First Class Toilet 737

When we started our descent, the flight attendant approached each passenger to thank them for flying Delta and for their business , I thanked her for her great service and explained what a pleasure it is to fly Delta compared to Americans, considering we live in Miami.

She still apologized for the food situation at the time – "Well, we had a chance to win you and we messed up. I'm really sorry.

We landed in Tampa at 11:50 am and arrived at the gate a few minutes later.

Delta has a 20-minute baggage guarantee for baggage checked in. The app sent a push notification as our bag came into the belt , and she arrived at the gate 13 minutes after arriving at the gate. Impressive.

Delta Luggage Edition

Delta 737 – First Class Score

There are small things that make Delta good – Harbors on all their main airliners, personal television sets in bulk. Much of their planes, pillows and blankets, bottled water at every seat, and so on. Then there are things that Delta does not do well, like eating on domestic flights.

What Delta Distinctively Distinguishes In my opinion, the people and the culture of customer service is so refreshing to fly an airline that virtually every person you interact with , is invested in the best possible design of your trip, and that's a feeling that I always have at Delta.

From friendly check-in agents to friendly SkyClub agents to friendly ones I believe Delta respects its customers in ways Americans and United do not know.

And I think that's what matters – when we fly, we just want to be treated like humans and like customers, and that's something Delta can do well.

So every time I get out of a Delta flight, I wonder why I'm not always flying Delta.

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