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Review of Days (PS4) | Press square

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The world comes for you, is an incredibly fitting slogan for Bend Studios apocalyptic sandbox. Days Gone is the latest in a long line of exclusive story-driven releases released by Sony and does not have the character of a player of the year like God of War, but it's just imaginative enough to stand out from the many open Worlders are already on PlayStation 4 – even if it brings ideas to virtually all of them.

As mentioned before, it's the excitement of the exciting, Oregon-inspired map that characterizes this debut generation. As a mercenary biker, playing Deacon St. John, you will seldom really feel ready for what the world is throwing at you. This means that preparation is of the utmost importance when you're on the move: you no longer have fuel or ammunition, and you'll find Freaker food faster than you can say, "They're actually zombies!"

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In this otherwise formula-free world event, there's just enough survival horror to distance yourself from Far Cry. The motorcycle is your sanctuary in the field: the only place you can save and the fastest escape routes. But it is tricky: gas is scarce, and in a fall you will be looking for scrap metal. Actually, taking care of the bike is straightforward, but it is essential to include it in your plans.

The same goes for your artillery. Ammunition is generally easy to get, but the weapons are weak in the early exchange and the headlines are devastating. In fact, they are so brutal that the game needs its sweet time to launch the truly deadly undead armies ̵

1; it will give you some time to improve your craft so you can trap and become creative as you bring the bloodsuckers want low. All these preparations are the most entertaining part of the game.

Unfortunately, the missions do not really get enough of it. There are some excellent goals here: some are inspired by Uncharted while working alongside another AI character, and others who follow the popular Blackbox design style, where you have several options to accomplish the task ahead. And then there are the fetch quests – so many fetch quests, many of which are anti-climactic and borderless.

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One can not fault the effort that the developer has invested here: It wants to go toe-to-toe with Naughty Dog and Sony Santa Monica and go first Strengthen the table of PlayStation's first-party developers. But the story moves like its protagonist, wasting time with far too many supporting characters and trying to be patient. The cutscenes look impressive, but the direction is sometimes weak and the script is like a roast pork.

That's not to say it's bad in the imagination: It's entertaining in a kind of popcorn style. And here's some cool insights you can learn about the nature of the world you live in: What happened to Oregon and how do those who are still alive survive without good tattoo studios? It just takes too much to get to the point sometimes, which can kill your interest all together.

This is a pretty big game with several plot threads to discover, and a hearty selection of open-world work that keeps you busy. You have a good 30 hours to review the campaign and it will be extended depending on how you play. Mechanically, it's dense enough to support many different game styles, so stealth and caution are generally recommended, but a violent approach is one option – assuming you have the resources you need.

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Maybe it's the way the bike is implemented how many layers there are to the gameplay. There are encounters where you have to wipe out enemy camps, but if you want to get creative, you can make a small clock radio and use it to warn nearby Freakers and beat the living against the living dead. Of course, as you approach the day, there are fewer zombies to work – but at night, the larger swarms generally become weaker.

It feels like the undead have an ecology that's neat. But there is also a logic to the world itself, such as how snow curbs your footsteps, or how rain affects how you handle your helicopter. It's just a shame that the developer gets into copying and pasting mission goals. Tasks like listening to scientists in insta-fail stealth sections and burning nests feel like they're going through the motions – sometimes less is more, we & # 39; Suggest.

At least there are a lot of eye decorations while ticking the boxes, but this is best a visual feast. Of course, it never reaches the highlights of a horizon: Zero Dawn, but the sandpit itself is extremely diverse, stretching from dense forests to deserts and snow-capped mountains. It's an interesting place to go through some unique, authentic American landmarks – it's just a shame that the frame rate is prone to errors as it flows into certain areas of the map.

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Errors can also be problematic – at least in the trial version we played. A secondary task disturbed us completely and made them unsolvable. Clipping, sound problems and other minor technical issues also had a negative impact on our experience. The game also suffers from a lack of direction: we do not expect our hand to be held at every step of the way, but if you walk around in a circle and search for 25 minutes for the entrance of a bunker, we would argue that this is one dodgy design is.

There is a heart here that is easy to admire. Forgive us for finding clichés for a cheaper rating, but you really believe that Bend Studio put everything into this project. Apart from the long loading times and occasional signs of creative bankruptcy, there is something here – a kind of comfort food that offers just enough identity to set it apart from its many contemporaries.


Days Gone's Survival Horror underbelly just gives him enough personality to distance himself from the dozens of other open worlds that are already available. A dense array of overlapping gameplay mechanics provides entertaining action, though the title's inconspicuous mission design does not always make the most of them. The story may be drifting, and the overall package is not quite as polished as its exclusive PS4 counterparts – but in terms of comfort, you can enjoy far worse snacks than this.

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