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Review of "New Amsterdam": Season 2, Episode 1 – [Spoiler] Dead

Warning: Below you will find important spoilers for the New Amsterdam on Tuesday. Go at your own risk!

Take out your handkerchiefs because New Amsterdam just pulled an emotional bait. The premiere of Season Two on Tuesday began three months after the accident with the awakening of Max next to his wife Georgia when her little daughter Luna cried. "It's your turn," Georgia explained, and Max got up to pick up his little girl.

When Max attended his work day and miraculously received good news about his health, the flashbacks of the accident began to unravel what had happened on that fateful day. Doubts crept over the fate of Helen and then Lauren until it turned out that both survived, though the latter still suffered from debilitating pain on her first day at work. And that brings us back to Georgia, which at the end of the day explained "It's your turn," to which Max replied, "I'm always on it." Then, looking back, Georgia actually died on the operating table, so Max completely comforted his crying daughter in the present day.

In the following, Showrunner David Schulner talks about the decision to kill Max's wife and how Max / Helen's carriers almost accidentally saved their lives.

 New Amsterdam Finale

TVLINE | There were a number of ways in which the effects of the crash could have happened, and even at the premiere there were times when this was the case. Maybe Lauren or Helen seemed to have died. Why did you decide that Georgia will ultimately be the one who will die?
Well, that's something I've tried to set up in the pilot episode. When Georgia came in with pre-eclampsia and there were problems with the baby, I tried to prepare for the end of the season in those scenes. When we talked about our season finale, I was totally exhausted and decided that we would keep Georgia because I loved Lisa O & Hare and just loved seeing Max finally happy. Then, Peter Horton, our executive producer, nudged me gently and said supportively, "I think you're finished," and I said, "I know, I feel it too, but I love those characters and I do not want Max anymore And then NBC nudged me less gently and said, "You're done, you set that up in the pilot, you talked about it all year, you should follow your gut." And so we did, and it was terribly painful to do in the room when we broke the episode, it was terrible when we wrote the episode, and it was terrible for anyone who did the episode, it really was like a death when Lisa O & Hare Playing a corpse on this operating table, it is really difficult to summon actors, and we did not do it lightly and we did not do it lightly. "Many thoughts and torments flowed into the process.

TVLINE | Have You ever thought about taking another path and calling it Helen or Lauren? Or were it always only red herring?
No, it was always just a red herring. We set up Lisa in the pilot, and during the birth of the child, something would go wrong, and we found ways to hide it from the audience as best we could, as long as we could. Peter, who ran the season finale, came to me and said, "What if we did not see Sharpe after the ambulance accident?" I think it was casual, just before lunch. I said, "Yeah, that's a great idea." I do not know the implications and the gold that it was not even to see Sharpe [and] how much room for maneuver would give us to move forward at the premiere. And Lauren, who just said she was thinking about taking a break, gave us an enormous amount of red herring ness in the opening episode.

Season 2, especially for Max?
It gives Max another load to carry. I think the show works best when Max deals with both his private life and hospital life and tries to reconcile both. … With Max & # 39; Cancer in Remission, he needed another obstacle in his life, and it feels heartless and cruel to do what we did to him, but we do not write comedy – most of the time.

TVLINE | Is this a time of mourning and healing for him? Will he be in a pretty dark place most of the year?
I would not call it dark because the show is not really dark. The show is trying to find a way through Max to stay positive, because it's definitely easy in the world we live in today to focus on the negative. But what I miss at the moment in our lives is optimism, and Max still has that. It may be a bit buried in the first half of the season, but he needs to focus on something he can judge positively, and he has Luna and he has the hospital. But this season is definitely about sadness and healing.

TVLINE | Does he only have pain and therefore beats for Georgia's doctor? Or did something happen during your treatment?
Well, I think that's Max & # 39; s Worry and Worry: did they all do their best? Could she have been saved? This will not disappear and will be discussed in a future episode with Dr. Ing. Hartman definitely top.

 New Amsterdam Max / Helen TVLINE | ] There is also some distance or a bit of cold between Max and Helen when she comes back. Is that just his grief or did something happen between them in those three months?
When Sharpe put her hand on him and said, "If you ever want to talk about it, you know, it's me," I think Max does not want to talk about it, and I think Max is not around from someone who wants him to talk about it. He's just not there yet, especially at work. If he can focus on everyone else, he does not want to be reminded of what he lacks.

TVLINE | How much did the binding that developed between Max and Helen in the first season influence your decision as to who would ultimately die at the end of the season? I know you said you had it built into the pilot, that it was Georgia, but when you saw how people really started investing in Max and Helen, was that the trigger for the final decision?
You know, it's interesting: it almost got me to not kill Georgia. We have a huge fanbase that only Max and Sharpe want to see together, and that's not in sight right now. So without Georgia, that would actually be easier, and we did not want that. We do not want them together. They are best friends and we are very happy about this relationship: two adult friends who love each other and care about each other. In fact, Georgia made it easy to give the fans what they wanted. Actually, it was a thought that maybe we should not kill Georgia for exactly that reason.

TVLINE | It seems that Lauren has a lot of physical pain that she just tries to mask. How does she deal with that, as a working doctor and as someone dependent on Adderall?
Yeah, I think she's trying to get a cold turkey. She does not dare herself and does not want to be involved again. She knows she has an addictive personality, she knows it's genetic and she takes no chances. So with a little help, she'll beat this pain, but that will not do her forever.

TVLINE | One of the things I liked in the season's premiere was the little moment between Helen and Lauren. Will we see more friendship between the two?
Definitely. It's really great people to be able to lean on each other, especially since they were on the track in the second half of last season.

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