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Review of the game: Mets lose the suspended game against Cardinals 5-4

The New York Mets (33-35) and St. Louis Cardinals (34-33) were forced to cease play in the ninth inning on Thursday night after the Cards scored two runs in a 4: 4 draw against the rain-soaked competition before the tarps covered the field. For Edwin Diaz it was the fourth defeat of the season and for the Mets a MLB-led 1


The two teams resumed the game on Friday in Citi Field and lost 5: 0 in the tenth inning.


Jacob deGrom took the hill for the Mets on Thursday night and started very strong when he got Matt Carpenter to the outing, Paul DeJong get off on the first base and bring Paul Goldschmidt for a 1-2-3 first Inning to give up shortstop.

In the second inning deGrom recorded his first strikeout of the night with Marcell Ozuna as injured on a 2: 2 slider. Jose Martinez and Yadier Molina joined the club in a total of eight fields to hold deGroms Pitch Count on an outstanding 22 fields.

Following his retirement Kolten Wong after a ground-out of deGrom Harrison Bader scored the first goal of the game with a double on the right field line. Bader would steal the third base with Flaherty, who would then strike and leave Bader in third with two outs for Carpenter.

The first run would conclude with a soft infield single from Carpenter that would roll between Frazier and Rosario. DeJong would compete against Frazier on the next pitch to end the inning, with the Mets 1-0 lagging behind.

DeGrom would allow Ozuna to come in first with a single in the fourth, but he would return to the bench with Martinez quickly when Pete Alonso started a 3: 6: 3 double play to end the inning with the Mets at the top with 2: 1.

Harrison Bader posted a 2: 1. When deGrom scored the first goal in the fifth inning, he saw Flaherty hit a flying ball after a theft against Dominic Smith Inning to finish. DeGrom scored his fifth goal in this game on three tables for Molina, who was also successful in his first attack of the game.

The sixth inning would not be good for DeGrom as a Mets killer, Paul DeJong would tie the game to the field in the left center on a solo homer. The good part of the innings, however, was that deGrom was the eighth Mets pitcher ever to record 1,100 strikeouts, with Matt Carpenter being the cardinals' batsman who was part of the story.

Jacob deGrom would end his strong performance in the seventh performance, though he allowed Yadier Molina a one-time single. To do this, he got Wong to join a Force game and knock Bader off.

Overall, he threw seven innings and allowed two runs, six hits and no walks. He also knocked out eight batters in the game and his outing forced him to throw 116 pitches (80 strikes).

Seth Lugo came to the eighth inning and after getting a pinch hitter Dexter Fowler hit Carpenter on a 2-1 pitch to go down. He managed to escape trouble by getting DeJong to fly to Juan Lagares who came into play via a double counter, and then struck Goldschmidt with a nine-hit after a tiring strike. [19659002] Edwin Diaz arrived at the ninth inning and after the referees debated a long rain delay, they decided not to do so in the end. Things did not start well for Diaz when he ran on Ozuna. Diaz managed to get Martinez to hit a slow grounder in third place in the next attack, and Frazier decided to play it safe and throw on first base to record the first goal from the inning.

The Mets move closer Molina was sent off for the third time in the night, and the team only had to retire with Wong, who is the potential match run. However, Wong drove in Ozuna with an RBI single that hit the top of the wall to reduce the Mets' lead to 4: 3.

Diaz then allowed an RBI double against Bader to finish the game 4: 4. He did not have to face another exchange, however, when Bader was caught between second and third base to progress.

The right-hander threw the 10th inning of the match on Friday and dropped a bloop single through midfield Yairo Munoz. After stealing a base and cleaning out a Matt Carpenter, Munoz found his way to third base.

DeJong killed the Mets again in the next attack as he moved to the left field to give the Cardinals a 5-4 lead. He got the loss.


Offensively Jeff McNeil swung on the first pitch of Cardinals' starter Jack Flaherty who led deep into the left field, but eventually became Marcell Ozuna caught by a spring-breaker. Flaherty would, however, succeed in eliminating both Michael Conforto and Pete Alonso on eleven fields.

Todd Frazier became the first baserunner of the game in the second inning with a one-time walk. Even so, the Mets on the first base would not do anything to him, as Wilson Ramos would post a pop-up of Paul Goldschmidt and Amed Rosario three shots to end the inning.

With two outs at the bottom of the third innings, McNeil would record Mets' first hit at night on a single for Jose Martinez in the right field. Two pitches later, Conforto hit a deep ball into the right midfield, which went over the wall to give the Mets a 2-1 lead. That was his 13th in the season.

Pete Alonso would be single in the next stroke and Dominic Smith would score another ball into the right midfield. However, this ball remained in the game and Bader caught him for the third time in the inning.

After DeGrom had given up the lead in the sixth inning, Pete Alonso scored a one-time double, followed by Dominic Smith's RBI single, which fell off Bader to give the Mets a fresh 3-2 lead.

The Mets continued as Frazier hit a bloop single to advance Smith to third, followed by a Ramos gang to load the basics. These were the last two fights for Flaherty when he was drafted in favor of Giovanny Gallego .

Amed Rosario hit one bullet to center the field on the second game board of the next – a strike that would hit Smith to give the Mets a 4-2 lead but one Doubles as Frazier would try to move from Bader to third base on a bad throw.

On deck

A Steven Matz (5-4, 3.88 ERA) is in the second game of these four games facing the hill for the Mets Daniel Ponce de Leon (0 -0, 1.80 ERA) for the Cardinals. Game series at 19:10 clock This game is also broadcast on SNY.

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