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Richard Lugar died; Foreign policy expert and former senator died at the age of 87 years, cause of death were complications of CIDP

Indianapolis – Former Indiana Sen. Richard Lugar, a Republican foreign affairs official known for supporting the former Soviets to dismantle and secure much of their nuclear arsenal, has earned the reputation of working with Democrats cost campaign, died Sunday. He was 87.

The Lugar Center issued a statement stating that Lugar was experiencing complications with chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy or CIPD, a rare neurological disorder, at the Inova Fairfax Heart and Vascular Institute in early Sunday, Sunday , died.

The outspoken and thoughtful former Rhodes scholar dominated Indiana politics in his 36 years in the US Senate. This popularity gave him the freedom to focus largely on foreign and national security issues, a focus that was underscored by his collaboration with Democratic Senator Sam Nunn on a program that has paid the US to dismantle thousands of nuclear warheads and missiles and assure Soviet states after the end of the Cold War.

  Lugar introduces new law on energy and climate change
Sen. Richard Lugar talks to reporters at the Capitol in Washington, DC on June 9, 2010

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"Each heap represents a terrorist theft option and a temptation for security personnel who may wish to profit by selling weapons on the black market," Lugar said in 2005. "We do not want the question posed on the day after an attack will be at an American military base. "

He served for decades in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, twice as Chairman, where he helped direct the arms reduction pacts for George HW's presidential administrations Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama supported an expansion NATO and preferred the help for the contra-rebels in Nicaragua.

Lugar attempted to translate his foreign policy expertise into a 1996 presidential race in which he wrote "Nuclear Safety and Fiscal Health." However, his campaign for the GOP nomination was bad from the start. His kickoff rally began just hours after the 1995 bombing of the Oklahoma City Federal Building, and he sought to build awareness and support for the name.

"He's not a good old boy," says Rex. A former Republican chairman who has been involved in many Lugar campaigns, said during the presidential election. "He is not a backlash and does not tell funny jokes and drinks a beer with the boys."

Lugar tried to resist questions about his behavior, claiming that the presidency was "serious business". The presidency is not a conversation. "The criticism that he was too sincere, too smart, too boring, he was shy." I do not know what that means, "he said." Is it better to have someone who is stupid? Or mediocre? Or halfway there? "

He retired for a year after not winning a single delegate, but not before anticipating the threat of terrorism that would become all too pervasive on September 11th 2001. Three of his television advertisements showed mushroom cloud and warned of the growing threat of weapons of mass destruction in the hands of terrorist groups.

Lugar's time as an expert on Washington's foreign policy was the culmination of a political career that culminated in his election to the Indianapolis School Board in the early years There he caught the eye of GOP leaders in the city, who encouraged him to run for mayor in 1967.

He served two terms at the helm of the city and led the merger of Indianapolis and its suburban communities in the city Marion County, which consolidated the tax base of the city and so many Republican elections The Democrats have not been able to win the office of mayor for more than 30 years. He also began to revitalize the downtown area with the construction of the Market Square Arena, which in turn helped to bring the Indiana Pacers in the NBA and to accelerate the development of Indianapolis to a sports city, which culminated in the 2011 Super Bowl.

He was named "Richard Nixon's Favorite Mayor" for supporting the shift of government programs to local governments.

He first appeared in 1974 for the Senate, but narrowly lost to Sen. Birch Bayh in the democratic landslide at the time of the Water Gate scandal. But he resigned two years later and quickly broke away from his three-Democratic Senate. Vance Hartke started a 35-year career on Capitol Hill, making him Indiana's senior senator.

He had earned the reputation of working for someone around the world and showed that he was able to defend himself against his party, especially with two major disagreements with President Ronald Reagan in the 1980s.

In 1986, Reagan tended to accept the manipulated elections that held Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos in office. But Lugar went to the islands as an election observer and said Reagan was misinformed. Lugar's stance shifted US support to the final winner, Corazon Aquino, who defeated Marcos.

In another break with Reagan, Lugar pushed the Congress – because of the president's veto – through economic sanctions, which Nelson Mandela said, a crucial role in overthrowing the White minority rule in South Africa.

  US Sen. Richard Lugar (R) smiles while he prono
Lugar smiles during a speech on 12 August 1995 in Dallas.

Paul Buck / AFP / Getty Images

His foreign policy work was not good at all. Sen. Jesse Helms expelled him in 1986 as "too internationalist" as the leading Republican in the Foreign Affairs Committee.

But at home Lugar remained the most popular figure of the GOP in Indiana. He beat his opponents with at least two-thirds of the vote in four elections. The Democrats considered him so invincible that they had not nominated a challenger for the 2006 election.

He was the supreme Republican Senate Foreign Affairs Committee when he first worked with Obama and took the then-US Senator to Russia, Ukraine and Azerbaijan in 2005 to visit the arms armor sites. He then co-sponsored with Obama the 2007 legislation on the elimination of stockpiles of shoulder-fired missiles.

Obama often quoted his work with Lugar during the 2008 presidential campaign as evidence of his bipartisan and foreign policy experience. Lugar advocated John McCain, but did not distance himself from Obama at the time and said, "I am pleased that we had the union that Senator Obama described."

That changed when Lugar re-elected in 2012. His tea-party-sponsored challenger, treasurer Richard Mourdock, said, "Lugar has clearly lost out on issues such as raising the debt ceiling, wasteful lending and massive private-sector bailouts at the expense of the taxpayer."

Lugar's Campaign In ads, his voices were highlighted against Obama's bankruptcy budgets, and the senator said his relationship with Obama was "over-hyped."

But these attacks on his conservatism – combined with voter anger over his age and his lengthy tenure in Washington and questions about him not owning a home in Indiana since the late 70s – led to Lugar's first defeat since 1974, when Mourdock 60 Percent of the GOP primary vote.

In a defeat, Lugar announced that some of his positions were considered "heretical". by some, including its opposition to targets and support for immigration reform.

"I believe they were the right voices for the country, and I stand with no regrets to them," he said.

Following the defeat of Lugar, Democratic Senator Nunn, working on nuclear disarmament, suggested that many people misinterpreted Lugar's positions because they accused him of being too liberal.

"Dick Lugar has in no way compromised his principles we've done together, neither have I," Nunn said at the time. "We've found ways to work together because we've investigated the facts and the facts influence the conclusions, and I fear that in today's political world, people start too often with the conclusions and then chase the facts to justify them. " [19659003DasNunn-LugarProgrammführtedazudassetwa7600sowjetischeAtomsprengköpfedeaktiviertwurdenundmehrals900ballistischeInterkontinentalraketenzerstörtwurdenalsLugarseinAmtverließDasProgrammwirdmitderEntfernungallerAtomwaffenausdenehemaligenSowjetrepublikenKasachstanderUkraineundWeißrusslandangerechnet

born in Indianapolis on April 4, 1932 Lugar was an Eagle Scout and completed his training at the two Indianapolis Shortridge High School and at Denison University in Ohio. In Denison he played cello in the orchestra and was co-president of the student body with his future wife Charlene. They married in 1956 and had four sons.

He was Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University and in 1956 he became a naval officer and spent time as a secret service assistant to the chief of naval operations. He moved back to Indianapolis in 1960 to help the family business manufacture food machinery.

A longtime fitness advocate, he sponsored runs in Indiana, and even at the age of 70, completed a nearly three-kilometer race in Washington in Washington.

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