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Richter drops defamation proceedings against Tesla by former employees

A Nevada judge has dismissed a defamation case against a former Tesla employee who alleged the company had spread a false rumor about him after admitting to sharing internal company information with a reporter in 2018.

Tesla argues in court documents that former employee Martin Tripp broke trade secrets and computer crime laws when he a Business Insider Reporters that Tesla wasted a significant amount of raw materials during the production of its Model 3.

Tesla identified Tripp as the source of the leaked information, which Tripp later confirmed. He was fired and Tesla filed a lawsuit alleging he had “illegally hacked the company̵

7;s confidential and trade secret information.” Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, emailed Tesla employees that an employee had attempted to “sabotage” the company’s operations.

Musk then allegedly emailed a reporter The guard A tipster had contacted Tesla to say that Tripp “could come back and shoot people” at the Nevada Gigafactory. The local sheriff determined the threat wasn’t real, but Tesla issued a press release that was picked up by multiple media outlets. Tripp later sued Tesla for defamation.

In her ruling, Judge Miranda Du Tripp dismissed Libel suit but denied Tesla’s allegation that Tripp violated computer crime law in Nevada. “Tripp had a duty not to divulge Tesla’s confidential information,” Du wrote, adding that Tripp knew he was not authorized to divulge the information to a reporter. “A rational trier of facts could reasonably determine that Tripp has deliberately violated Tesla’s rights.”

The case can now be brought to justice.

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