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Richter says Missouri's only abortion clinic must remain open for the time being

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                  Anti-abortion advocates gather in front of the Planned Parenthood clinic in St. Louis, Missouri, the only state-run provider of abortions. | Jeff Roberson / AP Photo </p>
<p>  The sole abortion clinic in Missouri will remain open for the time being after a judge on Monday prevented state officials from closing them because of a continuing license dispute. </p>
<p>  The state judge's ruling prevented Missouri from becoming the first state without an abortion clinic since The Supreme Court legalized the procedure throughout the country in 1973. Judge Michael Stelzer had already granted on 31 May a temporary redress for the proposed parenthood, which prevented the state officials from executing on the day the permit was issued The trial ended in a St. Louis clinic </p>
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In the recent decision, Stelzer wrote that the license for planned parenting would remain in force for the time being, and referred the Missouri health officials to the decision on the renewal of the organization's license met on June 21st.

The ruling is a blow to Republican governor Mike Parson and state health officials, who said the clinic had committed numerous violations that needed to be remedied to renew the license. Missouri health officials said at least one incident had "severely compromised" patient safety. There are also cases of failed surgical abortions, in which the patients remained pregnant, as well as the failure to obtain the "consent" of a patient.

Planned parenting officials said the state unlawfully conditioned a routine licensing decision for a vague investigation and accused state officials of conducting a politically motivated abortion investigation. Missouri legislature banned most abortions after eight weeks of pregnancy in May A group of conservatively-led states that impose premature abortion bans.

Among other things, the state called for interviews with seven doctors who had worked in the clinic, not forcing most doctors to undergo interviews because they were not employees.

There are doctors like me who have the opportunity to wake up tomorrow and continue to perform a safe and legal abortion in the last state health center that offers abortion services, "said Colleen McNicholas, one of the doctors working in St. Louis. For patients, this means they can continue to make decisions about their bodies, their lives and their future in their home state. "

Missouri is one of six states where only one clinic undergoes abortions, as an analysis of Planned revealed Parenthood and the Guttmacher Institute, a research organization that advocates abortion rights.

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