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Rick Scott gets gun control

MIAMI – Florida Governor Rick Scott broke with President Donald Trump over the issue of Waffenträger Educators. He has cracked the National Rifle Association. Suddenly, he is in the best of the State Teachers Union, his longtime opponent.

Scott's response to Marshory's mass shootings Stoneman Douglas Highschool lets Democrats wonder if they're seeing a wider electoral environment election He's a far more potent challenger to Senator Bill Nelson.

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"This is something the Nelson people are sure to worry about," said Allison Tant, former chairman of the Florida Democratic Party and a Nelson fundraiser

Remembering all the memories he has had of gun positions for eight years, but it did not take just a mass shooting in Florida, but two to get him to act, and he does not do much, "Tant said referred to the Pulse Nightclub massacre in Orlando that took place during Scott's term in 201


In His Broad $ 500 Million Proposal in Response to Shooting Scott – a Governor Who Once Signed Every NRA Englisch: www.mjfriendship.de/en/index.php?op…=view&id=167 He was able to champion a weapons control operation that particularly drew the wrath of the powerful lobby: a requirement that gun and shotgun buyers be 21 years old. It's a requirement that could have stopped Valentine's shooter Nikolas Cruz, who was 18 when he bought his AR-15.

The Legislature is on its way to send him a gun bill a few days before March 9, so Scott will have another chance to develop his public position on weapons. Timing is random: The governor has long said that he will announce whether he will run for Senate at the end of the session.

When it comes to gun control, the Florida House and Senate have done more than Scott and proposed a three-day wait for the purchase of rifles and shotguns as well as long-range handguns.

Legislators also propose a "Marshal" program to arm teachers or school staff that Scott opposes and supports the NRA and Trump. The laws of the Florida House and the Senate, which are barely different, could pass the chambers at the end of the weekend.

"I'm disappointed," said NRA lobbyist Marion Hammer. "Eliminating the rights of law-abiding citizens because of the criminal acts of a deranged person is not a solution."

Whether Scott will pay a political prize from the NRA, giving him an A-rating over the years because of his support for gun rights, Hammer said she focused only on stopping the legislation. She was accustomed to never seeing Tallahassee Republicans weapon practice, and admitted she was "surprised" that the Legislature and Scott went so far.

Scott said in a Fox News Sunday interview that the NRA should accept the regulations [196592002] "You know, I'm a member of the NRA, I believe in the second amendment," said Scott. "I think most members of the NRA agree with me, that's logical, I'm sure there will be some who disagree, but I'm a father, I'm a grandfather and I'm a governor I want each child to be in a safe environment when trying to be educated. "

While the NRA criticized Scott, the Florida Education Association teachers' union praised its bill, largely because it did not include the "Marshal" program for teachers. In the triangulation between the NRA and the Teachers' Union, Scott, who first appeared as a tea party in 2010, plays with a rather centrist appeal to Nelson's terrain.

Earlier this year, Scott attempted to move to Nelson when he banned offshore oil drilling. He also suggested the largest state budget, $ 87 billion, a marked emigration for a Republican who had once criticized government spending

"I think a Conservative can pick up the general electoral votes through a bit of gun control, of course I do," said republican MP Jamie Grant, a Republican from Tampa. "He can produce more Democrats than zero votes."

In fact, Scott has not really gone far in terms of gun rights. The governor, who claimed after shooting that "everything is on the table", never seriously considered an attack weapon ban. When such a ban was proposed on Monday – Nelson and every major Democrat candidate for the governor – demanded it – he lost 7-6 votes on the Committee of the Senate Senate Committee. Scott still has a political connection with the NRA: his political advisor OnMessage also works for the NRA.

Still, when Scott introduced his proposal on Friday, he was greeted with Reuters headlines like this one, the Huffington Post welcomes: "Rick Scott breaks with Trump, NRA with new Gun Control proposals"

"Rick Scott gets a big headline, but he does not give much, "said Republican adviser Roger Stone, who lives a few miles from the school in Broward County.

"Bill Nelson has done nothing but help the people he already has," Stone said. "If people have a choice between this little move from Rick Scott or a guy who's an anti-gun, it's relatively safe."

Nelson agrees with Stone on one point: the relatively small impact of raising the age limit on the purchase of a Long rifle.

"The Governor's plan does not do anything to ensure comprehensive criminal investigation or to prohibit assault rifles such as the AR-15," Nelson said in a written statement. "His leadership is weak and with the recommendation to raise the age to 21, he makes the bare minimum."

Asked about an attack weapon ban on Sunday, Scott told Fox that "I'm not banishing, you know, special weapons, I think what you have to do is stop certain people from having weapons. Focus on the problem, we need to focus on solutions that work – prohibiting the people who potentially cause the problems, all these things together. "

Expecting Scott to try his position in weapons To play down, the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee made sure to send reporters an information sheet about the Governor's record of firearms.

"Here are the facts," said the DSCC email. "Scott" signed a bill banning physicians from asking patients if they had access to guns; "proposed no new weapons laws or applied for a substantial increase in mental health after the Pulse Nightclub massacre;" Millions of euros reduced for school security; ended up earning $ 20 million to fund mental health care, even though Florida is already at the forefront of mental health funding; has long provided "resistance to gun control," including the refusal to support extended background controls and a ban on offensive weapons; and under Scott Florida has been some of the weakest gun laws in nation. & # 39;

Democratic State Rep. Jared Moskowitz, who graduated from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and served as Parkland City Commissioner, said he suspected that Scott, knowing what the Legislature will likely deliver to him, is ready to wrestle a public relations victory from the signing of the legislation, even if it involves armed teachers and a three-day wait for tactical rifle purchases.

"If you already know the process goes on and this bill will be on your desk and you will sign it, it will make your decision and what you say is much easier," said Moskowitz.

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