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Ricky Williams' 1998 Heisman Trophy sold for a record $ 504,000

A collector of Florida sports memorabilia is richer by more than half a million dollars this morning after former Texas player Ricky Williams sold the Heisman Trophy on Friday for $ 504,000 – a record amount.

Williams, who sold his trophy Brian Hobbs 2014 was the last Heisman winner to benefit from the trophy. After Williams' year, the winners had to sign an agreement that prevented them from selling the Heisman.

There is nothing to be said about the new owner or how much Hobbs benefited from the sale, but it had to have some value selling it now. Hobbs told the Associated Press that the fact that Texas football has a good season played a role in the decision.

"I've had it in my collection for a long time and can not keep everything, so I thought it was good timing for the trophy," said Hobbs. "(Texas) football program is going well, and it's a very coveted trophy … The timing seemed to be the right time for the next collector."

Ripe time to sell the trophy

As the The auction was announced a few weeks ago, it was said the trophy would sell for about $ 500.00, in fact, it hit exactly that mark.

The sale broke the record set by Tim Brown's 1987 Heisman Trophy and December The trophy of Rashaan Salaam was the previous record sales of $ 399,608 in 2018.

Given the fact that two decades have passed since the Heisman winners were allowed to sell their trophies, it is no surprise that the value of trophies on the market is increasing, Williams's Trophy seems to be particularly valuable under the different circumstances, he had a productive sais in 1998 in Texas, when he jumped 2,327 yards and set the NCAA's record at 6,279 yards. In addition – after a few recent bouts – Texas Football is back on the national radar and takes 15th place in the AP poll on Saturday.

The Heisman is one of the best-known trophies in sports, and when another trophy shakes hands There is a new benchmark for the retail price.

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