Russ has been dropping music every week for weeks and fans have enjoyed every track. In the early hours of Friday, Russ released the brand new single "BEST ON EARTH", a collaboration with rapper Bia. The track plays Trillville's 2004 "bed-squeaking beat" from "Some Cut," and on the song, the two artists swap nasty bars for their bedroom antics. Rihanna listened to "BEST ON EARTH" and showed that she is a fan by delivering another slow motion walking video on her Instagram, this time with Russ and Bias melody as theme music.

"Thank you @bia and @ russ for my new favorite song #BestOnEarth," Rihanna wrote in the headline. Russ could not believe that he had received a co-sign from the Fenty mogul, so he jumped into her comments and wrote, "Nobody talks to me for the rest of my life, THE QUEEN AND THE LEGEND THANK YOU." Bia also shared her enthusiasm with: "I LOVEEEEE YOUUUUU 🧡"

Meanwhile, not only did Rihanna have time to sing Russ and Bias's praise, but also give a subtle setback to a social media user. Ri shared a video of how she tried her Fenty Diamond Bomb 2 allover shimmer, but someone took the opportunity to make fun of the singer. "Your forehead shines brighter than my future," the person commented, to which Rihanna replied, "Then there's hope for you." Check out Russ and Bias's "BEST ON EARTH" here.