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Riverdale Airs Luke Perry's bittersweet final scene as Fred Andrews

We now know what Luke Perry 's final Riverdale scene was, and it was a pretty fitting one.

Fred Andrews, whom Perry played for the pilot until his death on March 4, is not yet out of the series, but executive producer Roberto Aguirre Sacasa said tonight was the last episode Perry filmed and his last The scene was "a beautiful, true moment between a father and his son," which is pretty much accurate.

At the end of last week's last week, Archie's boxing opponent Randy died in the ring, which was unpleasant for many reasons, as he was also foaming on his mouth at that time. Veronica spent much of the episode tonight trying to prove that it was Elio's drugs that killed Randy, while Archie was plagued with guilt anyway. Fortunately, Fred was there to give him some comfort.

"Son, from all that you said, it's clear that Randy died of these drugs, an autopsy will support that, you're innocent."

"But I'm not Dad," Archie said, knowing that Randy was taking the drugs and could / should have given up the fight, but he did not want to give up. "I never stepped back into this ring.

Unfortunately for Archie, that was not true, but at least he had a nice moment with his father before he had to box again.

Elsewhere in today's episode, the Jones family had to take some big moves (including robbing) pop & # 39;) to save Jelly Bean from kidnapping, and Betty continued her search to find out what's going on with the farm before Alice's upcoming wedding with Edgar.

The biggest thing she's discovered is That Evelyn was a 26-year-old boy masked herself as a teenager all the time (… LOL), switched to new High Schools revisiting her teens year to attract teens to the cult. In fact, she is Edgar's wife and not his daughter. Alice was not surprised to hear that information, and definitely not discouraged from marrying him (probably he's been helping Chad Michael Murray), and all Betty did was make the farm even more Bring Betty to the farm. Betty is still not thrilled, and now she has something new to worry about and wonder: it seems her father died when he was taken to Hiram's forced prison. But are things always the way they appear on this show? He is a serial killer, albeit a kind of awkward one.

Josie now got her father to see her play in La Bonne Nuit and asked him if she could go on tour with him. After seeing her play, he agreed and told her that they would perform the next night. This makes sense given the upcoming transfer of Ashleigh Murray to the spin-off series by Katy Keene, but given that Josie is still a high school student, it makes no sense. Poor Archie is not allowed to bring her to the Prom just as he had planned.

The Gargoyle King has also returned because the drama in Riverdale never stops.

Perry died on March 4 after a severe stroke and was buried in Tennessee.

"We are deeply distressed when we learn today that Luke Perry has passed away", Riverdale Executive Producers Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa Greg Berlanti ] Sarah Schechter and Jon Goldwater and Warner Bros. Television and the CW said in a statement. "A beloved member of Riverdale Warner Bros. and the CW family, Luke was everything you could hope for: an incredibly caring, consummate professional with a huge heart and a true friend of all. As father figure and mentor of the young cast In the series, Luke was incredibly generous and filled the set with love and kindness, and our thoughts are with Luke's family at this extremely difficult time. "

Riverdale Airs Wednesday at 8 pm on The CW.

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