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Rivers, Boylen quarrel in the middle; both were ejected

LOS ANGELES – Doc Rivers said he could not remember the last time NBA head coach in his two decades when he and the opposing head coach were kicked out in the same game at the same time.

But it happened in the third quarter of Friday. Rivers joked that he had spent the fourth quarter enjoying a bottle of Californian red wine while his LA Clippers polished out the Chicago Bulls at the Staples Center in 128-121.

"I do not think I've ever seen this, but I've been around for a long time, so I had to try something new," quipped Rivers. "It felt pretty good, the Opus [One wine] was phenomenal when I saw the fourth quarter."

Rivers and Bulls coach Jim Boylen were each ejected with a minute, 1

4 seconds before the third quarter, after they had exchanged a heated exchange on the sidelines. The trigger for their change was a screen that was set up by Clippers striker Montrezl Harrell, who was whistled for an offensive fouls.

  • Danilo Gallinari scored 27 points, Montrezl Harrell added 26 and the Los Angeles Clippers rallied in a third-quarter rally coach were expelled because they argued they would defeat the Chicago Bulls 128-121 on Friday night.

Referee Jason Phillips said the second technical fouls for any coach that triggered automatic ejections were a continuation of their altercation.

"We shared [the coaches] that was enough, and then they continued," Phillips said.

Boylen pointed out that the screen of the Harrell set was of the same variety that one of his players had injured in the first half.

"I talked to the official in front of half," said Boylen. "I said you have to look at the moving screen [in the first half] I think it was an offensive foul, they came back halfway and said it was an offensive foul and they missed it, which I guess good function And I'll let it go.



Clippers' chief physician, Doc Rivers, says he does not know why he was ejected, and told Jim Boylen to tell him Guys say they should call that screens.

"Then [the Clippers] another moving screen set in a half-court that they call an offensive foul, and I already have a guy in the locker room with a bang he Boylen referred to the Point Guard Ryan Arcidiacono, who left the game after a hard hit in the first half.

"Now they go with a moving screen on mine another point guard one and I do not appreciate that, "continued Boylen. I let them know that I do not appreciate that. I'll let everyone know. I do not know how Doc meddled. He did not think it was a moving foul. I have no problem with Doc. I have no problems with Doc. He fights for his team. I fight for my team. I'm worried about my group and the protection of my group.

After Harrell had his screen set in the second half, Rivers said he started talking to an official.

"I just said, basically, that was a clean choice, and suddenly I heard Boylen, who yelled at me and said we were dirty or whatever, because in the first half I probably made a different legal choice and one of them got hurt, "Rivers said. I wanted to say maybe you turn around and look at your boys and tell them to call picks, but do not yell at me. I did not say it so well. "

Rivers continued," And then the referee came and threw us both out. I never talk to the other coach unless the coach talks to me. I do not think I should be thrown out for that. I did not instigate anything.

Rivers added, "I do not think a coach should ever comment on his team with another coach, but Jimmy decided to do so. That's up to him. That's up to him. "

Harrell, for his part, said Boylen did not comment on him."

"Honestly, I did not really think it was an illegal screen, just like the first one I've set," Harrell said . " It's not up to me to call the person I envisage and let them know that I see them. I stood in the middle of the floor and waited until my husband hit the ball both times on the floor. They were hit with screens, that's their biggest sight to call screens.

"I did not do any harm, I did not do anything dirty, it's just basketball games, so if you want to be mad at me, you'll be mad at your own cause … He'll have to let you know that's it As far as this is concerned, these are just two passionate coaches that are being blown up for a current game – a dirty game, the other one was doing the right thing to defend me as a player, and how he felt was also a real game on the court. "

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