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RNC prepares for the resolution confirming Trump's support

In a move that some observers have compared to Heavenly Heaven, members of the Republican National Committee are ready to pass a resolution reaffirming their support for President Donald Trump's Daily Delivering Democrats to the White House is a scene that many Republicans who have gathered this week in a New Mexico resort want to avoid on their side.

"I think, if you look at what the President has sown in the last two years – the leadership and what he has done to help all Americans rise, and that's something the RNC was all about "Nevada Republican Party Vice-President Michael McDonald said on Fox News proposals to support the president, and a competing proposal that would have formally supported the president's renomination in 2020 was blocked, with the successful move coming Friday

Supporters of the proposed measure expressed their disappointment if they wished the party would do anything to pave the way for Trump, yet there seemed to be little appetite for a direct challenge.

"Everyone here loves this president, how could you not?" Said Tamara Scott, Iowa RNC Commissioner, to Fox News I'm grateful for this president, and we appreciate his support of the American people. "

Another RNC member told Fox News that the statement presented was very similar to the formal support given to Democratic official Hillary Clinton during the previous primaries offered the competition. This institutional support was viewed by many Democrats as an inappropriate barrier to the ultimately unsuccessful campaign of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

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Make sure Democracy has been saved, McDonald said. "We do not want to do anything like what happened at the DNC's last cycle. We want to make sure that the RNC is overboard. But we support this president. "

Party officials said the resolution does not pose a challenge to the president. That's something they do not have. Nevertheless, parties adhering to Caucus may decide to go dark in 2020. This has happened in recent years to protect the incumbent. The head of the Iowa state party said earlier there would be a straw poll in 201

9 and a caucus in 2020, which Scott has reiterated today. "The beauty of Iowa is that we have such a large stake," she said, "not only in our vote, but also in our Caucus participation."

In other divisions this week, RNC members overwhelmingly approve the re-election of Ronna McDaniel for a second term as party chairman. There are no declared challengers.

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