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Robert Müller wants to testify privately

H The Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., said he wanted Special Representative Robert Mueller to testify.

But Müller only wants to testify privately.

"We want him to come in and testify," Nadler said on Thursday in an MSNBC interview. "Müller, I think I can say at this point that he wants to testify privately."

When pressed down on why Mueller does not want to speak publicly, Nadler said, "I do not know why." 19659002] Later Nadler said he was speculating, but suspected that Müller would not participate in a political spectacle.

Muller's lengthy report on the investigation of Russian interference in the 201

6 elections was published with editorial offices, but Congressional Democrats are pushing the Ministry of Justice to have unrestricted access.

The Special Law Firm has pointed out that Müller does not want to appear politically by testifying.

Nadler officially requested Mueller to testify "at the latest on May 23", however, delayed the move, probably until sometime in June.

Attorney General William Barr said last week, "It's Bob's call if he wants to testify."

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